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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rage And Fury ©

Today, right at this moment I am mad.
I’m madder than mad.
I’m down right furious and it’s all to do with the Middle East, specifically the current conflict in Lebanon.
I took on four people in three arguments two of which almost came to blows and for what?
I am very opinionated when it comes to certain issues.
The first person is clearly anti Jew and I know this because I hear him shitting out of his mouth all the time.
I don’t care where you are from or what color you are for that matter, I will treat you the same.
He is appalled that the Israelis are bombing Lebanon and killing innocent people and now are preparing to invade Lebanon.
He thinks that the world should rise and stomp out the “Jewish Plague”.
I told him he was and idiot and then it started.
He said that they had no right to go into Lebanon.
I told him that they had all the right when an
He said they still had no right.
I said Hezbollah went into their country and kidnapped two of their citizens then brought them back to Lebanon and they want them back.
I would want my government to want me back that bad to if it ever happens.
It got loud and people were watching now.
All they had to do is throw Hezbollah out I said but he countered with,
How, when they have a gun to their head because Hezbollah is better equipped.
OK, I see a little truth in that but you can’t just have a group that kills people around the world living there and expect the rest of us to close our eyes to it either, especially when WE are the prey.
They could ask for help from the UN.

This is the way I see it.
Plain and simple, no BS.
If some guy 3 miles down the street living at Fred’s place is stealing from me or throwing rocks at me and the authorities in this case the Lebanese Government, do nothing to stop it or maybe arrest said terrorists then I am going to throw rocks back and may break a couple of Fred’s windows in the process before I hit the mother fucker in the head.
And if you expect me pay you for stealing from me, then you got something else fucken coming buddy because I wouldn’t pay you to get back what you stole from me.
I’m coming to take it back.

Then a Lebanese official comes on the news and says with a trembling voice that even though they had no chance in hell they would defend their border against the invading Jews.
Say WHAT?!
You couldn’t handle the gangsters in your country that are causing this shit BUT you think you could handle the Israeli army.
What are you smoking and pass some over?
I though he was going to piss his pants in front of that camera for fucks sake.
Did he run away?
Get them out of there, you stupid fuck and there wouldn’t be a problem.

And Israel, don’t think you’re clean in all of this shit.
You ARE taking innocent souls and apologizing or justifying your cause doesn’t bring the babies back.
I’m sure a well planned out insurgence would have gotten you a better result or is this an excuse to try and take out Hezbollah once and for all?
I’m not stupid I know how to hop a fence and look from the other side too.
When innocent people get killed you are no better then those you seek.

The fucken problem with this region is not oil.
The problem is that they are insensitive to anything past their own beliefs and a ZEOLOUS need to kill another person.
All they care about is me me me and who gives a fuck about anyone else but me.
They have been killing each other for so long the only solution they see is the inhalation of the other so they keep breeding more people to die instead of finding a fucken solution and then you drag US into you shit.
The Middle East is a cancer that is spreading across the globe and claiming more and more lives and if it infects the decedents of this region that live in the countries that accepted them with open arms as new citizens equal to all the rest then we are all fucked.

The second heated argument I had started from the same thing and since I was already primed from hours earlier I went into attack mode quicker but what got me off here was that he tried to turn the subject to Iraq and to blame all of this on the Americans.
We are talking about Israel and Lebanon what does Iraq have to do with this.
Oh, it’s the same thing it was the cause.
I know he is anti-American so why am I bothering fighting him when I know he is bias, because it’s stupid and I had stupid.
I farted Let’s blame the YANKS.
Fuck what is the matter with people?
When reality is in your face how can you see something else?
An apple is an apple not a fucken orange.
See it as it is and not as you want it to look like and
Everyone deserves to live and if you don’t think so then let’s just blow up the

The Hezbollah, pfffffffft fucken cowards.
They are quick to point out the innocent dead but you don’t hear them offering to give up the two people they kidnapped to stop all of this.
No, this is their plan.
They want to cause a world crisis.
They are bent on destroying the world rather than live in peace.
That is called Insane not Jihad.
Take a Valium and go fuck your neighbor’s goat.
Did you here the have female suicide bombers now.
Yeah all the young guys have blown themselves up to go to heaven so they could fuck virgins but the problem is they are ALL still alive so they need to send some up.

Let’s nuke em.
Yeah come on think about it.
Where do all these sick fuckers come from?
Bin Ladin and the fur ball in charge of the Hezbollah are from the Middle East and all the other Middle East leaders even in Israel they don’t give a fuck no more why should we?
Just think of all the people we would save over the centuries
Sterilize the problem in one shot.


All gone.
Let’s party.
The wicked witch is dead.
Give me the power George, Tony someone.
Make me leader for a day.
I’ll work for free.
BLAME ME!!!!!!!!
I’ll take the sin.
But I don’t want virgins when I die.
I want cable.
You know.
The way everything is going in the world, those dumb fucks in North Korea will test launch a long-range ballistic missile and it will go in the wrong direction and land on that secret nuclear weapons facility in Iran and cause a massive explosion wiping out the cancer for us.
I need a joint.

Do you know the only thing that pisses me off the most about my idea?
It’s the kids.
They don’t deserve to die.
They don’t deserve to grow up in a world of HATE to become haters of their neighbors because they were taught it.
And they are all haters over there.
Heartless bastards.
They are quick to show us their dead.
Why don’t they each show the others dead instead to see what they’ve done.
Take the students on outings to show them the dead and tell them “look this may be you one day because we are a hateful people so hurry up and grow up to have babies to replace you”

Do you know somewhere out there is the cure to all the cancers that kill us?
Somewhere out there in a little child’s head born or unborn is the savior of mankind but we will probably kill him or her before we can be saved.

I don’t know maybe I’m insane.
Why are people so blind to their prejudices and can’t see the truth?
Is it so hard to say, “HEY that’s wrong” without see where a person comes from or what god they believe.
Funny isn’t it that I live in a Country where all cultures live together peacefully but back where they come from they can’t get alone.
Has anybody tested the water there?

It’s time we all backed away from this and let them kill each other and when it’s over we can write it down in the history books for what it was.
A waste of people.
They have put more value on religion and pride than they have on life.
Gone is the honor and has been replaced with wholesale slaughter where the enemy never meet face to face but kill each other from a distance.
And is becoming big business.
Ratings for the News agencies
Sales for weapons dealer
Coffins sales for the coffin makers and the body bag supplier is having another kid now that there is another war and he could afford to.

You do realize if we don’t do something we will all be dragged into this down the road and it will be all over.
The whole world will blow up and the third planet from the sun will be Mars just past that big black cloud of dust.
It will be like committing suicide with the only difference being that the means we use will be our sitting back when we should have done something to stop it and don’t you think we can’t.

This is so frustrating.

Imagine all these people in the world fighting and for what?
Fighting for land that doesn’t belong to them.
The Earth doesn’t belong to man.
We are the planet’s caretakers.
We have been given a responsibility to keep all of this revolving smoothly and for our pay it feeds us and gives us a home to live.
Other than fertilizing the ground, we are doing a piss poor job of it I tell you.
We can’t take care of ourselves so how can we take care of the world.
What are they waiting for to totally fuck it up and then run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find a way to save us?
You know who is laughing here don’t you?
It’s the cockroaches.
They were here before the dinosaurs and maybe from the beginning.
They are sitting there in some dark room partying and laughing because they know that in the end they will still be here when the next caretakers take over.
These are my thoughts and opinions.


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