blue moon (2)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Testing 1 2 3 ©

Can you all hear me?
To soft I think.

How’s this?
That’s too loud eh.

That’s about right.

R2 has been given a little life for now.
I bought the new hard drive for my new computer the other day and I decided to get the hard drive first just to see if I can get R2 working for now so I could blog.
Here I am today with 250 gigs of space and next month his twin will be joining him to back up all my files.
I will be doing a lot of writing in the near future and I won’t allow myself to get fucked again.
My supplier tried to talk me into ordering the new 850 gig drive.
LOLOk, I don’t talk that much but at the price they are selling it for, I could rebuild the new unit.
Loosing that last hard drive set me back years and months in my current projects not to mention not being able to blog.
I will say though that the last two days have been productive.
No one stopped by, which was a relief, I got so much done.
M and Archie went fishing and came back smelling of booze rather than fish.
It seems they got there at 6 am, had steak n eggs, then two bottles of cognac.
By 9 am they were passed out on the grass with the coons eating their bate.
Then they drove the 50 miles home when they woke up only to pass out again when they got here they wonder why I didn’t want to go.
I remember a time I used to drink and drive and one New Years Eve I drove everyone home after the party because I was the only one that could walk and was stupid enough to drive.
When I woke up in the morning, I was surprised to find myself in bed and ran to the window to see my car parked out side.
I couldn’t remember driving home.
I could have killed someone and not remembered.
Since then I have never driven drunk and if I was going to go out to party I left the car home and took my taxi chits. (Coupons for paying the taxi, you cant sell them but they are worth money to the cabbie when he takes them in)
I gave M a lecture when he stopped by tonight and tomorrow that fat fuck will hear it to for getting M drunk and letting him drive home.
I know its Archie fault because M quit drinking 2 years ago.
I can’t afford to loose any more friends so they get the lecture.

I have managed to clean and rearrange most of the house but two rooms.
I emptied an antique dresser I had in the kitchen and move it upstairs which looks great in the room it’s in now.
Then I took that big screen TV I am repairing and put it in the spot the dresser was for now and opened up my TV room with only one  large TV in it..
Oh and that TV, I opened it up and I found the board the is burnt and am going Monday to see if they sell or make the part.
If not, I am going to gut it and put the 26 inch sony in there and hook up the surround sound speakers to it.
Half my friends are stoned lately anyway so they won’t notice.
But I have made a lot of room and it looks neater. The kitchen table now, that’s a little covered with 7 years of junk.
I’ll deal with that later today but by Saturday I would have succeeded into doing something I will probably mess up before the bbq.

So as you see I may have not been blogging but I wasn’t laying around doing nothing and OH and you know how HOT it has been here.
The inside of my washroom cabinet, well the paint melted in it and everything was glued to the bottom.
That’s how hot it was inside there.
COME ON WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just realized, what if the paint on the toilet seat had melted?

Have a nice weekend and yeah Sex Talk will be tomorrow, trying to play catch up.


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