blue moon (2)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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Space the final frontier hmmmmm I used to think it was Maria Scopoletti when I noticed she grew boobs.
You should see her now.
Good thing I took a bigger liking to Saturday mornings with Star Trek rather than her.

I have always liked looking at the sky.
It has a magnetic drawing for me…Calling me by name and beckoning me to come and let it embrace me.
It looks so big and inviting.
I remember one time as a kid lying in a field in Greece staring at the sky.
I was around 12 years old.
Nothing but pitch black around me and the sky.
I studied it for hours looking at every dot, twinkle and streak that ran across that vast ocean of dreams.
I looked at the different patterns the stars made and tried to imagine what the ancients thought when they first took in the infinite possibilities they
Millions upon millions of stars and in the far corner of the sky was a red spot.
I was looking upon a planet with my naked eye for the first time.
Mars was out there welcoming me to my new muse.

Out there in that vast shadow lay mysteries we cannot imaging and answers to questions we have yet to ask.
Out there in that nothingness is something we belong to.
Something bigger than humanity
The big picture
I would like to believe that somewhere in a distant galaxy there is someone lying on a fertile planet looking at the sky thinking what I am and wondering “does life exist out there”.

ItisI you know me well, I would give anything to touch the heavens at least once in my lifetime.
I’ve always been a dreamer and chased what my heart reached out for and one day I might get there.
Yes Jules that is a good choice and I would volunteer to go without a seconds thought but no, sadly I have not gone to the MIR(I think you meant the International Space Station) MIR burned up coming back to earth I think.
So I definitely don’t want to be on MIR.
I burn easily.
But being in space has its advantages.
I don’t have to go on a diet because the lack of gravity ensures I am not over weight and you know how women complain about their boobs going south.
That would be a thing of the past because without gravity you would have to tie them down to keep then from floating up and out of the top.
Damn that would mean there would still have to be bras.
Oh well………

Now MrH wants clues to my whereabouts……. Here is one for you MrH.


Well I could tell you that I was at a small Amish community the other day.
I was in a store that sold some of the nicest hand crafted furniture I have seen.

Hey Walker look at this I bet this will look great in my living room.
What do you think?
I think it’s to hot and that lady behind the counter is wearing to many layers of clothes.
Shhhhh she is Amish.
Its ok I look good in black.

WE walked around the store for some time and the people there were fantastic and friendly.
If I had the money I would have bought it all and dragged it home.
The wood was so raw, natural, smooth and the workmanship was outstanding.
The grains in the wood stood out like notes of a song etched into the wood, singing out to us.
After leaving the store we got into the car for another 5 hours before we got to our first stop.
It was humid all night and about 3am the sky outside erupted into a violent series of crashes as the rain started pouring down………


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