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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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I have been in Toronto and the surrounding cities for the last couple of days.


It’s not my type of place because it’s just too big but I tell you there are some sites to behold.
I have been to 10 cities in the last couple of days and seeing the differences from where I live and this place are many.
In Ottawa although we are a million people we cover an area of about 70 kilometers.
They can’t build buildings higher than three floors without a special permit and getting one is harder than winning the lottery but here the sky is the limit.
Traffic is horrible and many people drive for hours just to get to work only to repeat the ritual after work.
I don’t have to much time to because I am being taken out to a surprise but I am willing to bet that it’s going to be a strip club because they won’t tell me.
They know I won’t go if it is. Hmmm
I’m a doer not a watcher.
So here are some of the places I have been to and some I have seen.
I will be back home on Friday with the whole story.
So those of you who said Toronto that’s close enough even if I have been in Mississauga.
Talk to you all on Friday.
There will probably be no Sex Talk on Friday unless I end up at a strip club tonight.
I hope all of you are doing ok.
Enjoy the pix and catch yeah soon.





Really, I didn’t do it.
It was ………..



A couple of the local hookers


Rents are cheap.
The average one bed room is $1000 a month but a park bench is only $500 a month with air all the free bird shit that comes your way.


Just for MrH.
There was an Antique car show with some exotic cars from the past I thought you might like.



That’s it for now we are off for a beer run.


Hmmmm, hey M what does this mean?



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