blue moon (2)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Going For A Walk ©

Oh my look at the time.
I have a couple of hours left before my flight takes off.
To say I am going to miss you all will be an understatement but I need the break.
I will be writing posts while I am gone in my spare time because I will have Pee Wee with me, my slick small travel laptop so I will come back fully armed.

Hmmm I should give you something to do for me while I am gone.
How’s this.
Try and guess where I have gone and why I have gone there.
Let’s see some imagination.
When I get back I will tell you where I went and did.
If you guessed wrong I’ll tell you what I’d do if I went to where you guessed.
How is that?
I’m just happy there isn’t a country called Llama. LOL

On another note, I will be sending another package in the mail at the end of the month to another unsuspecting recipient from HERE.
This will become a monthly thing.
I just love getting a surprise in the mail, don’t you?
But I would like to add some more people on the mailing list so if you would like to email me your PO box or your mailing address I will add it to the list.
I have all the addresses from the Xmas exchange so those of you don’t need to send me yours and this is open to me blog roll only.
It’s all done randomly and I mail one out at the end of every month.
No one will know who is getting it but me.

Now on the subject of my blog roll due to my recent computer crash I lost many blogs that I had in my favorites and I am having trouble finding them again.
I know I should have had all of you on my blog roll but there were so many and I was swamped and and and …….ok that’s a lousy excuse.
Now I have added Blog Rolling so it should be easy so if anyone wants on my blog roll send me an email or tell me in my comments and I would be glad to add you or if you want off you can tell me as well.
Also if I missed anyone please tell me and I will fix it.
Yeah I know I’m stalling………

Well it’s time to go.
I will miss you all until I get back.

Life is a song set in tune with your heart and soul, keep yours dancing.


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