blue moon (2)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Sentence ©

Life is a swarming of unaligned thoughts trying to get out but road blocks like street lights block paths, sending reality into oncoming traffic causing mayhem and traffic jams stopping all rational thought, leaving you lost, alone and wishing you were back in the womb, warm, loved nourished protected from the harsh realities of life’s ups and downs tugging at your soul, bleeding it dry, turning it into dust to be blown away with a cold northerly wind to the four corners of the earth, to be ground into mother earth as it was once before in the beginning when all was non existent and the troubles of the world had yet to be born to cause such havoc, so much pain and anger thrusting brothers and sisters at each other throats silencing, drowning cries of love that once came from lips so soft and gentle but firm, rip for the taking like lusting beasts grabbing pulling but holding refusing to let go, from the embrace, like a child clinging to it’s mother for the safety and love it has felt through the rhythmic beat of her heart, a beat that will be sought for throughout life in the chest of another soul beckoning you to come and see what life is all about but is that what life is all about, a rhythmic beat like the rhythmic beat of a blues band thumping, making your foot move and your hips sway, making you get up and clap and sing with the masses, yelling YEAH BABY SHAKE IT, I’M ALIVE, dancing all over making life a big fucken party causing people to dance with you all over the world, silencing the cries and the rivers of blood and tears that soak the land sucking the life of our very existence, leaving but only a memory for no one to remember the laughter of a child who looks at you with big bright eyes of innocence and wonder, absorbing the beauty and pain it sees that will encompass it’s entire life to the day where it will one day see it’s reflection in another child’s eyes before the end of time where the one is alone again in a womb, no one knows but only dreams, hoping that it will be better than what was and more tranquil, peaceful, a warm place where love and compassion floods the streets, so clean, so meticulous and uniformed, sterile…...filled with ones you knew but never forgot…..missed…….needed…….called for but never heard from again but seen in your thoughts like they were still there guiding down the path of life with words of wisdom once said and remembered until the day when a ghost you know comes to you, with a key to the door you need to pass and bring in new clear thought, refreshing life and flooding the room with sunshine and a new beginning, cleansing the soul and filling it with fresh blood, making it beat harder, a stronger thunderous sound for all to hear and come too to touch, hear and feel the charge run through their souls, energizing a generation back to life bringing peace and love throughout the world with song and laughter, staving off an extinction of all we know and worked for over so many millennia only to be left here wondering, when the fuck are these lights going to change so I can go on with my life?


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