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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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There are times when friends could be trying.
They pull you this way and that way.
They twist you around and next thing you know you are even lying for them.
Some friends use you, others abuse you, some support you 100% while others stab you in the back when you least expect it.
I have friends that have gone to extreme lengths to make my life happier; some have made sure the person I was with was special because they were with me.
Some might say; who needs enemies when you have friends.
I know you all know what I mean.
Not all of our friends are the same.
Some we need more than family and others………
This weekend a friend who I have known for 33 years was in trouble, yet again.
Not his second or third time but his 300 time and I’m NOT exaggerating.

I met Phil when I was 14 and he was 15, he was an Indian from India.
We let him into or little group and he has been there ever since.
We used to spend a lot of time together growing up, usually getting in and out of trouble.
Phil was always the one that got into trouble with his temper and couldn’t fight his way out of a jello bowl so we did a lot of fight thanks to him.

We went out with sisters and I had two daughters out of that arraignment, he only lasted 8 years with his GF and I am surprised it lasted that long.
As I learned later from my SIL he was a fucken tyrant and she should have spoken up sooner.
When I confronted him he said she was driving him crazy.
Now I know my ex SIL was a pain but I don’t approve of any man hitting anyone unless it’s in self defense.

We made shit loads of money at the brothel and even more on the side doing other things.
But even then he was a fuckup.
We cut him slack and helped him get a place with his pregnant GF.
He spent his money on drugs instead and got evicted.
Rent was $500 a month and he made that in a day.
We bailed him out of that, got him a new place.
While walking over to his place one night we saw his 8 month pregnant GF run by and right behind her a brick went whizzing by followed by a barrage of insults.
We jumped him and cooled him down.
He was saying it was her fault.

He has been arrested over and over for domestic violence and I have seen him go through 8 GF and all have had him charged with assault but he keeps saying it’s their fault.
This weekend while we were here watching the fights, a phone came in.
He was taken out of his place by the police and he needed a place to stay and wanted M’s keys. M just got here after a 6 hour drive and expected him to drive back.
I flipped and grabbed the phone and told him to rent a motel and hung up.
He makes 2000 a month clear and never paid his GF rent so he should have some coin.
He said he was broke and I told him to enjoy sleeping in the car and hung up.
How stupid does he think we are?
What, he puts an ad in the paper “Looking for woman to drive me nuts to the point where I will beat the fuck out of her”
His father beat his mother and Phil is a sick fuck as far as I am concerned like his old man.
And I am happy we don’t live in the same fucked city anymore.
The Government has been trying to deport him for years but the country he came from has changed so many hands now there is no record of his existence so he is in limbo.
As much as I love my friends, I may help deport this little fuck.

Yesterday M called me.
He is back at home now and wanted to tell me Phil is in jail and needs bail.
Seems after the police told him not to go back he did just that and smacked her around.
How fucken stupid can one individual be?
Now his lawyer called M because $2000 in bail is needed.
Let’s see, the last time we raised the money for his bail, he got out and when the trial was over he took the bail money and spent it instead of paying it back.
Then he gets $12000 and still didn’t pay us back.
I got a call this morning from said lawyer looking for money to get him bail.
$5000, LMAO
I told the lawyer to buy Phil some KY and his new name is bitch because he is not getting out and he is not because I called everyone he would call.
If his momma wants him out then that’s her problem but we are done with bailing some idiot out of trouble.
You know, now that I think about it, he is looking at 5 years due to his extensive record, oh yeah he was a terrible criminal.
That’s 5 years of room and board and he’ll get fucked on a regular basis (The boys and I think it should be permanent).
Sounds good to me what do you think?

Scratch one best friend, but that’s ok I made a better one yesterday.

Some of you may have noticed I have not been around lately; truth is I have not been 100% and need some rest.
So I will take a few days off but you may see me commenting and reading from my bed.
Yes we will be in bed together so don’t get to excited MrH and DON’T put out an all points bulletin looking for me.

Have a nice weekend just in case I don’t get another post up before the weekend smile


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