blue moon (2)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Flowers For Baby Blue ©

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I FEEL GOOD BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

(_/_) (_\_) (_/_) (_\_)

Naw, I still didn’t get laid (outside of these pages that is), but these fucken migraines are gone for now.
The ones that live next door are still there though. LOL
Since I am on the subject of my non existent sex life, I would like to briefly touch on a small thing.
NO NO not that small thing !!!!!
I don’t subscribe to the rumor mill and it seems that I have a new GF.
How cool is that?
Now if someone would be kind to tell me who she is and tell her to get the fuck upstairs and in my bed, I would be grateful.
My friends and long time readers know me well enough to know that I am not beyond approach and instead of fueling and creating more grief for my head just ask me and I give you my word, I will tell you if Walker’s tally whacker is getting wet outside of the shower.
So let’s leave the rumors to the people without a life and better things to do.
And to those that say I have a Harem; amazing, a guy has a GF and 10 female friends and when the GF is gone he has a Harem.
If I have a Harem then it’s a Harem of friends, so MrH you may need to get one of THESE.
I don’t know if all the men who wish to have a Harem have really thought about what they are wishing for.
A harem of mother in laws would come with that too.
Not to mention when that time of the month rolls around that we all men and women so dread and if you have a large harem that’s EVERYDAY, you’re fucked.
Give me one good woman and I will show you what 100 can’t achieve.

So shall we get down to business……………

A sadness had befallen upon me before I even sat down to make this phone call.
Reality was now setting in, knowing I had lost my closest friend of late and joy in my life.
I find myself sitting at the kitchen table on the phone on this dark cold day.
The rain was staining the window with a cold drizzle.
I just finished ordering flowers for a funeral and was waiting for the clerk to come back to get the address of the funeral home.

The joy which I have been enjoying is now gone and my days are now meaningless.
I wander the streets, dazed and confused, talking or silently singing to myself the songs we sang together.
So young
To young to go, not even a year old yet.

Just yesterday we were playing and singing together.
I could feel the warmth in my hand as we held each other tightly and darted across the street to the store, narrowly missing a car.
We were at the mall the other day going in and out of shops looking for something to get for Mother’s Day.
Then to Archie’s for a laugh and some bbq, but the cake was better it seems.
It was just after this is happened and it was all over just like that, in a blink of an eye.
So fragile……..

Have you noticed that when you get used to someone or something and when they are gone you have this void that you can’t seem to fill.
You have gotten used to having it that way all the time and when it’s not there no more you are disjointed and lost, wondering how you will cope with this new loneliness.
You are used to having a certain structure in your life and all of a sudden poof, nothing but lost mayhem.
You try to fill that void with something new but it’s not the same, it’s foreign even though you know it and trust it, it’s just not the same.
What a waste.
I hate waste but sometimes things happen outside of your control and have to accept what fate has written out for your path to be.

The clerk came back on the phone and I gave him the location of the funeral home.
I sat there with a single tear running down my cheek.
I hung up the phone and looked at my parents who were standing there wearing their Sunday clothes preparing to go to the funeral, shaking their heads at me in disbelief, that I had been hit so hard with the series of events that had befallen me.
The other day…….
Baby Blue………
My IPOD…….
I was playing Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson and it had a stroke and ……….
It’s gone……..
Dead, not to play anymore………….
The pain and agony

But, you know……..
I’m not that fucken stupid either and I bought the 2 year extended warranty that says they will fix it and pay the shipping.
So Baby Blue is off to the Orchard to be repaired and will be back next week.

Oh yeah, one of my parents friends passed away last week, that’s why I ordered flowers.


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