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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day ©

Another year and another Mother’s Day is upon us and every year we all show how much we love our mothers and mothers bask in the love showered on them by their children.
There is no better feeling in the world for a mother than to receive the love of their child.
They give birth to us and take care of us when we are sick, or hurt.
They forgive us when we mess up and are there when we need them.
A mother’s job is never done even when you’ve left home and they never ask for anything back in return.
Unconditional love.
I, like most of you love my mother and I will be telling her as much when I wake up in the morning.
This is all I am going to say about mothers today because I want to talk about someone else.
There are women out there who have been getting the short end of the stick and I would like to say Happy Mothers Day to them today as well.
These are women who never forget birthdays are always happy to see the kids and are there when you need them.
They are the women who have no kids but always wanted them but for some reason or other they never had the joy of holding someone that was created within their body and sharing their life energy.
They never had the sensation of feeling someone growing within them and never experience the pleasure or pain in giving birth.
But with all they have missed they never lost their maternal instincts.
Their wants and need to be a mother are as much alive in their hearts as any mother who has given birth.
Today I listened to a woman cry at the thought of Mothers Day and a wish never to be fulfilled because she is unable to have children.
All I could think of was how much of a crime it was for this to happen to someone with so much love and compassion to offer a child.
Instead of experiencing the joy of motherhood first hand, they were there to hold a sister’s or friend’s child.
They are the aunts who are loved by their nieces and nephews when ever they show up at the door, sometimes with that gift that they look all over the place to find because they knew that’s what you wanted most..
They are the ones out there running around playing soccer or at the table having tea and cookies with Mr Bear, Mr Rabbit and Rebecca.
They are the baby sitters who are there an hour early and the kids are ushering you out the door faster because they know there is going to be a fun time with their aunt as soon as you’re gone.
They are the mothers you never knew you had but always treated you special.

To all of you I say Happy Mother’s Day.


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