blue moon (2)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another Monday? ©

Monday, the second day of the week.
It is, go check your calendar, Sunday comes first.
We get a day off before we start work.
Saturday is the day we get off after the week is done.
Try and explain that to any aliens invading us.
No sorry, we’re closed today it’s Sunday.
Go try the moon they have a fly threw.
Another thing who came up with these names?
Most Latin based languages use of the names of the planets for the days.
Monday would be the Moon (not really a planet but back then I guess it was) ; it’s only fair the moon is closest to us.
Tuesday is Mars
Wednesday comes from Mercury
Thursday Jupiter
Friday is Venus
Saturday is obviously Saturn
What about Sunday?
I guess they ran out of planets because they hadn’t discovered any more yet.
So they came up with Sunday instead.
But why Sunday, why not call it Godsday, technically it was Gods day of rest.
But no they called it Sunday.
Probably because it was a nice sunny day when they were naming the days.
Can you imagine if it was raining?
They would have called it Godsday then, because no one wants to go to church on a Rainday.

The Russians on the other hand knew what they were doing.
Monday is Ponedelnik, which translates to, “After doing nothing”.
Now that makes sense, and almost nothing gets done on a Ponedelnik either if the weekend went well.

Tuesday is Vtornik which means second, now how much sense does that make.
Simple as pie, the second day of the week is called.

Wednesday is called Sreda which means middle.
Here is where they disappointed me.
Wednesday is not the middle day if Monday is the first day.
Let’s see if I could remember some of the Russian my EX Russian GF taught me while I was dodging empty bottles.
But she was a Canadian Russian.
She didn’t throw empty vodka bottles at me just Canadian Club bottles.
Third I think would be something like this Tretve, maybe, anyone .…..ok, Middle it is.

Thursday is Chevtverg which means forth, at least the got this right, Pfffffft Middle.

Friday is Pyatnitsa which is for fifth and Saturday is called Subbota which means Sabbath
Leaving us with Sunday or Voskresenye meaning resurrection Personally I like the idea of resurrecting everyday and parts of me do before I wake up.

The French just said fuck it.
Copy the English, use French names and say we thought of it first.

After all these centuries I think we are due for a change.
New names to go with the times.
I think the days of the week should have names that suit them.
Monday should be Slumday.
You should be able to come in with your PJ’s on and just drink coffee.

Tuesday should be called Wingday, only because I love chicken wings and this is my post ha ha ha.

Wednesday should be finally and officially be called Humpday and we should have to sleep in and do just that.
A half day off in the middle of the week.
I can almost start counting the votes for Secretary General of the Untied Nations.

Thursday should be called Workday, let’s face it we have to do some.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday should stay the same.
I didn’t say it was all bad did I.
We can’t wait until Friday comes and we all love the weekend.
Or every year we could change the days all around like.
But we don’t change what they were.
Saturday and Sunday will still be off.
That should add a little of fun don’t you think?

So did you all absorb all the BS I just wrote?

Ok now that I told you its Monday let’s get to my post for today.

I threw out $100,000 today.
It’s true.
I cleaned out my computer room and put it all in boxes.
Oh wait, I better tell you what prompted all the massive spring cleaning at this moment.
LAST Monday, Ponedelnik, Slumday night, I took out the garbage and in the Morning I found this pile at the end of my laneway.
Seems a bag broke and they just left all the garbage laying there on the sidewalk.
I had to clean up my place and the neighbors.
You’d think at $20 an hour they would know what that shovel on the back of the truck was for.
So this week, it’s payback time.
I had 7 years of computers in the back where I work.
That’s about enough parts for 30 desk top computers ranging from pentium1’s to pentium3s.
All the broken stuff went outside.
People walking by could not believe the size of the mountain that was being built up there.
My parents were outside on the porch watching all of this.
My father who watched my place for 6 weeks doesn’t understand where all of it was hid.
You spread it out DAD.
It’s the only way to hide a lot of stuff from you.
It took me the better part of three hours of going back and forth, up and down, down and up to get all of that junk out of here and out to the sidewalk.
Sweat was dripping off of me because of the running around and it was a hot day today.
I came in and closed the door.
Taking a beer from the fridge I sat down for a pint and to relax.
The phone rang.
It was J her laptop needed more work done on it and I had already done work on it in the last 2 days.
This was all software though.
I told her to stop by and hung up but only to feel it vibrate in my hand.
It was my mother.
It seems my brother got a fridge from someone that wanted to get one of those new stainless steel jobbies and sold his five month old fridge for $500. He paid $2000.
I congratulated her and hung up.
I sat there for a second holding it though just incase it rang.
Replacing the phone with the beer in my hand I sank into my chair for about and hour before the door bell rang.
It was J, so letting her in I looked at my pile of garbage for tomorrow and it was gone.
Yup GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I go outside and ask my parents who wee still out there what happened.
They told me a guy with a truck pulled up and took it all.
Bastard stole all my broken junk.
No payback
No pleasure
You would wonder why anyone would want the garbage I put out but as I was reminded once today.
One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure.
That’s fine with me as long as he doesn’t tell his wife as he is hauling all that crap home that he got it from my place LOL
Ok so I don’t get even but then again I got a bunch of garbage taken out and I have new space to fill with fresh junk.
I settled down in the chair again with another bottle of water.
I drink 6 of these a day.
This could be the reason I have peeled off 35 pounds so far.
I even wore my Jean jacket yesterday for the first time in 14 years.
I just hope I don’t loose too much and end up back in diapers but with the amount of water I drink it could be a good thing.
I fixed J’s laptop and sent her home then went and found my chair to settle in for a movie.
The phone started ringing again and it was my mother calling for help bringing the fridge in.
I walked outside and low and behold in front of me was a fridge.
Not just any fridge, but the mother of all fridges.
This was big
I went to turn and walk back in the house and pretend I got lost on my way out the back door but they saw me.
I walked down to my brother, father and cousin, took a look at the fridge and said it won’t fit through the door.
Guess what, it didn’t so they dismantled the door.
Great right?
Wrong, it won’t fit in the kitchen because the cupboards are to low.
So after measuring and doing all the calculations it seems there is only one place that massive fridge fits.
Guess where?
Ha Ha Ha
That’s right.
I got a new fridge for free.
So you see no matter how hard I try to get rid of stuff, more comes in when I think I’m winning.

Not a bad day after all and I managed to get some stuff done but you know, I’m still a little peeved about the garbage guys.
That was a nice pile of junk.
You know, I still have the key to my brother’s computer store.

Hey all, if you have the time, Stop by and wish My friends Mr and MrsH a Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary


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