blue moon (2)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

You Got A Friend In Me ©

Friends, we all have them.
Some are different than others.
Some we do certain things with, others we confide with.
We meet some friend through other people and some friends we meet in the weirdest places.

For instance, I met one of my best friends in the washroom of a tavern.
I was in there going for a piss when three guys come stomping in and the one in the lead was some what pissed that I had done his old lady.
I just looked at him half pissed and looking for some action and said “May be I did and maybe I didn’t”.
Then asked him which one he meant.
I guess he didn’t like my answer and took one step to close and found out two things.
The first one was what it felt like to have someone pee on your leg.
The second one was, not to look away from someone you just threatened.
He didn’t see my right gold armored fist crack him in the temple and that’s when the other two rushed in.
In the close confines of the washroom it was hard for both to get to me and all I had to do was stay I front of both of them.
It’s when the third one got up and rushed in where I started having problems.
That’s when the stall door opened and a guy walked out and was pulling up his fly.
He asked me if I needed a hand and me not being to proud to ask for help said YES!!!!!!!
It was a small job for the two of us and it was over quick with the three bleeding on the urine soaked floor.
That’s when the stall door opened again.
A woman walked out and started crying then fell to her knees next to one of the fallen guys.
It’s seems she was giving the J a blowjob in the stall.
The BF had the right idea but wrong guy.
He was my right arm for many years to come.

L I didn’t meet, she found me.
I had over dosed and had passed out on a bench.
She knew who I was and sat there for hours next to me making sure no one got near me and chased everyone away with a broken cue.
Not only that, she had gone through my pockets, found my drugs and was selling them while I was out cold.
When I came too I had a pocket full of money and a woman with a pool cue sitting next to me
looking like Zena on a bad day.
I walked into the washroom to clear my head with some cold water.
That’s when some cops came up and got in her face.
It seems someone had said something about her and they came in to investigate.
When I got out a female cop asked her for her name and I said it was none of her business and she was with me.
It wasn’t a big issue and the cops were out numbered at that time and not worth the grief so they left.
A week earlier the was a big fight with the cops for something trivial and none of us wanted a repeat of that.
I helped L go back to school and now has a job at the police station.
Go figure.

Archie was my sitter believe it or not.
He and my uncle watched me when my parents worked, so I grew up in pool halls.
Yes, you don’t really want to play me pool for money.
They used to have a milk crate for me to cart around and get on to see the top of the table.
I watched my first porn with them to when I was 6 too.
So as you could see my attraction to boobs goes back a way.
They didn’t speak English to and I used to have to translate for them.
Yeah, they used to send a kid to do a man’s job.
I do believe I was used.
“Excuse me miss, my uncle likes you”.
I would go back with her answer.
Well what did she say?
She said I was cute (I hate being called that btw) and to tell you to fuck off”
What does that mean I asked?
“It means she likes me”
You could imagine my surprise when I said that to the first girl I liked.

D I met at a bush party one Saturday evening.
He wasn’t invited but showed up and was chasing some guy with his car to run him over, he almost got him.
You can imagine my surprise when the car stopped and the door flung open and a wheel chair popped out.
This skinny biker type man slid into the chair and went straight for the guy he was trying too run over and challenged him to a fist fight.
D beat the crap out of him in no time.
I never knew how many ways there were to beat someone up with a wheel chair.
I invited him over to drink with us.
The other guy had to go.

H I met in the pool hall.
He walked up to the counter and leaned heavily on it.
I didn’t pay much attention to him until someone yelled at him from the stairs when he turned to face the caller.
That’s when I saw the gathering puddle at his feet.
He walked the short distance to the stairs and with fists that moved like pistons the other person went crashing down the steps.
Turning he went back to the counter where I met him and pointed out the blood.
He sarcastically congratulated me on my eye sight.
I liked his attitude and had my driver take him to the hospital.
I seem the guy at the stairs had stabbed him at the bar downstairs and came to finish the job after he was knocked down outside.

S I met on a Sunday.
This was a headache for a LONG time.
I was staggering out of the pub from the night before just as the church across the street was over.
Some young punk grabbed a purse and ran right at me.
I mean he ran right at me and into me leaving his butt and the purse on the ground.
He got up and ran away so I picked up the purse and these old ladies came running over clapping and making my head pound more than it needed too.
I tried to tell them I didn’t do anything but they refused to hear it.
Every bloody Sunday morning after that, this group of old ladies used to go to the pub after church to see if I was there.
My reputation in the bar was looking good now.
But they were a cool bunch.
S is 83 now.

We meet people in different places for different reasons.
I have started planning my bbq for this year and it’s on the 19 of August if anyone wants to drop by.
This year I am letting them all party together.
It should be interesting having a biker and a politician hashing it out or smoking some for that matter.
I have been mixing up my friends at gatherings now because I am tired of doing 3 bbqs and besides if I like them then they should all get along just fine.

I have met so many people here as well and I would like to thank many of them, who have kept my head together in the last couple of months.
If anything you have helped me keep things in perspective.
Friends, it doesn’t matter where you met them or how, as long as they call you friend and mean it.

I read an interesting post today that brought back so many memories.
This person is a friend of mine and I have been reading her for awhile.
Stop by here and have a listen to what she has to say and to say hi to Dotty if you haven't yet.


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