blue moon (2)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


You’re getting fucken squirrelly.
Why do you say that?
Because you’re driving me nuts
You should go to a shrink and talk to them
I’m not nuts.
You’re right, I’m nuts you’re just squirrelly.

That was one of the many arguments I had with J.
She was going through a lot of shit in her head with the demise of her BF, the family problems past and present she has a lot crushing her brain.
There is only one outlet left and that’s the sacrificial lamb.
Can you see a little fuzzy tail back there?
Neither do I.
I suggested she talk to her family doctor and see if there was someone she could speak too, thus saving me a bit of grief.

The next day when she got up she said she had to go someplace and would be back for dinner.
I said cool and off she went.
I made beef teriyaki with stir fried vegetables and steamed rice.
6: pm no J, but the food is hot
6:30 pm no J, Emme is passed out on carpet and Frick has noticed food that doesn’t come out of a can, food is warm.
7 pm no J, Frick has brought in Emme to the kitchen because he is too stupid to devise a plan to get the food on the table without getting caught. Food is cold.
7:30 pm no J, Emme is on her back with all four legs in the air acting like a 17 year old kitten. Frick makes a run for the table. The food is in rigor mortis.
8:00 pm no J, Frick is locked in the basement, Emme is eating steak. Dehydration has set in and the food is shrinking.
9 pm no J, Emme is passed out on the floor, Frick is singing the blues at the basement door. Food is all back in the WOK being cremated one more time.
11 pm no J, Emme is passed on the chair, Frick is waving from the bottom of the basement door, I’m stuffed.

From midnight until 5 am I either read blogs or played poker.
No J.
I went to bed thinking she must have crashed at her aunts.
I woke up at noon and checker her room and the bed had not been slept in.
At 2 pm she walked through the door.

And where the fuck were you?
Do you know I have been up all night worrying (shut up) with not a single wink of sleep I got wondering where you were.
You could have been lying in some ditch dead.
WELL, where the fuck, were you and why didn’t you call?
She was waving me off as she staggered into the room.
She dropped into the chair looking stoned out of her mind.
I ask her again where she was and she said she was in the hospital and they wouldn’t let her make a phone call.
I was worried immediately and ask her what happened.

Well it seems the day after our talk she had an appointment with the doctor and asked her about talking to a councilor.
The doctor said that they had psychiatrists at the hospital all day on call.
So off she went to the hospital.
When she got there they had her fill in a form and then sit in the waiting area and wait she did.
7 hours she waited and then she went up to the counter and started complaining to them and getting a little irate.
She told them that she needed to go for a smoke, but they told her to wait a little while and they would help her out.
They took her someplace to relax and after they led her in this room she could hear the click of the lock.
Running to the door she realized she was locked in there.(I should have thought of that first)
In the room was a bed.
That’s it.
Well it’s kind of obvious what they want here eh.
Not to long after lying down she was sleeping.
In the morning they woke her up and 2 people talked to her.
They were asking her questions for 2 hours and none of them touch what she was going through at the moment.
In the end they were telling her she was Bi- Polar and needed help.
They told her she should spend a couple of nights there but she refused, she got some meds and headed on home to where this story began.
They kept her there 22 hours before she saw someone and not only waiting but a prisoner.
I guess they take a person seriously if they go to see a shrink at the hospital but I could do without the wait.
No contact with anyone and locked up away from the world until you talk to a doctor first.
We argued about their prognosis because she said she wasn't bi-polar because she doesn't have extreme moments of euphoria, she is always sad.
That's where I explaned to her she never was a happy person and the happiest she ever got WAS sad. Then the she really gets depressed she drives me NUTS.
So there that's why you are bi-polar.
She said I made a valid point.
Go figure.

Then she says
"The weird thing about all of this, is that I don’t feel like having a smoke.
I haven’t had a cigarette in almost a day and I don’t feel like having one either".
She took off her sweater and turned to go up to the washroom and right there on the back of her arm was a patch.

Sneaky Doctors

I did let Frick out of the basement


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