blue moon (2)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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I’m sitting here bored with something to write but …….. I don’t want to write it.
It’s nothing special, or earth shattering, just some mundane crap that I don’t feel like writing now.
So how’s that for fucken attitude? EH
But what am I going to write about instead.

Just then a friend pops up on Yahoo and after we exchange greetings I explain my dilemma.
“Write about when you had the sex change”
What sex change, who, me?
“The one you had when you were 16”
I pull the waistband open and make sure everything is still there. Yup
“Then you can tell how you have now decided you want it reversed”
Ok, you need more rest.
“I know you could pull this off”
No, you just want me to pull this off, pointing you know where.
Not that anyone can see anyway.

Let me understand this.
She wants me to write a post about me wanting to reverse a sex change I once had when I was 16.
But I never had a sex change, but even so.
According to my present equipment I must have been female and turned male who now wants to be a female again.
Now you see that won’t work.
It won’t work for one main reason and it’s got nothing to do with modern medicine.
Modern medicine has made so many new strides that I believe they could do anything.
I bet they could take the brain of a jackass and put it into a politician.
Sorry that already been done.
The only real problem I had with medicine and science of late was that cloning stuff.
Can you just imagine in what kind of hell we would be in if some rich wacko got their hands on this?
Just imagine what Michael Jackson would do with cloning technology.
He could clone himself in different shades of black to white.

But getting back to the point in question, it wouldn’t take off because most people know me by now.
They know I wouldn’t get a sex change.
Why would I want to get a sex change and then spend the next 31 years chasing what I got rid of in the first place?
Why go through the time and pain of having a cock attached to you so you could chase women around when you have a perfectly good pussy right here right now and it’s not RUNNING AWAY from you.
It’s screaming "touch" me NOW!!!!!!!!!
And further more, where is this said cock going to come from.
Aha, no one thought about that eh.
Yeah where did this pecker come from?
Some dead guy’s maybe.
Put that on your organ donor card and when you get to the after life you find out the only parts you get are the ones you came with Ha Ha Ha.

So after they attached this said cock, you have to learn how to pee.
It takes practice to be able to pee in a 12 foot square general area. (Usually everywhere in the washroom but the toilet)
But after many years of practice you learn to spell you name in the snow.
The only problem is you have to wait for winter and who the fuck can spell when they’re drunk.
Now after all this sticking on and learning how to use what I got…..I’m supposed to cut it OFF!!!!!!!!!
All those years of learning how to skillfully pick up women,
“Excuse me. How many fingers do you see?”
“Do I know you…hic?”
“Yup, this ones with me”
And now you want me to throw all this knowledge away, along with my tally whacker.
Just like that.
Hey buddy, that’s the last time you wet my leg you little bastard.
You got to go.


Maybe I have grown a little attached to him over the last 31 years.
We have shared so much together.
Been places where no one has gone before.
He held my hand when I was lonely covering me with warmth.
But then again he got me into trouble a couple of times, like went I got him stuck in the zipper.
Now THAT fucken hurt and that big scandal with …. Oh umm we’ll skip that one.
Yeah you get me into so much trouble too.
But you are fun to hang out with.

Now you see why this post idea just won’t work.
You know I just love who I am, the way I am.

Just then I get buzz from someone else on yahoo.
“Hi, what are you doing?”
Your friend is telling me to cut off my dick
“OMG, what did you do to her?”
Nothing, she wants me to post about my sex change.
“YOU had a sex change?!!!”
Ah skip it, just read my post


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