blue moon (2)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

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It’s Saturday ummm ok its Sunday technically but pretend its Saturday, but don’t blame me if you forget tomorrow is Monday. lol
Being Easter I can’t eat meat or any meat by products until Easter Sunday.
That’s includes fish too.
That leaves only veggies.
Now don’t get me wrong I like vegetables but there are limits to how many I can eat before MEAT is required.
My father used to make us do it for 40 days when we were kids.
40 Pfffffft fff ffffff freaking days (No swearing remember)


You know………
He was a chef.
Do you think while my brother and I were home shaping peanut butter sandwiches into images of Big Macs he was eating meat.
I just thought of that.
He has to taste the food right?
What’s to stop him from tasting a whole T-bone steak?
I think we will be having a talk tomorrow
So yeah no meat for 40 days…….
Hold on, I got to make a phone call.


Man is he pissed.
My father used to say it cleansed the system.
After a week, what’s to cleanse.
We were empty.
After 40 days we could have called up OXFAM for help.
Now we fast for certain days.
This started after my father retired from the restaurant.
Be right back.

Don’t you love fathers?
So now we fast for certain days.
But why do I bother you may ask?
I have stated my religious beliefs before and still I fast.
Who’s to see me eat a burger or 3?
Or a seafood pizza


Some things are rules and some rules become tradition, I guess my reasons fall under that category.
BUT Easter Sunday, you better undue the belt.
After not eating for so long the cooks are blinded by starvation and over do it.
There’re 2 things you should never do when starving.
One is to go shopping.
You end up buying stuff you would normally never buy like 30 frozen loafs of French bread.
If anyone needs bread give me a ring.
The second is cook for a group of people.
My parents were cooking until 5 am.
That’s not a typo, 5am.
There is 1 whole lamb on the spit.
Half a lamb in the pots being made in a tomato sauce
A platter of jumbo shrimps that they got the other day.
Spanakopites and Tiropites, cheese and spinach wrapped in filo pastry.
Dolmades, rice wrapped in grape leaves.
Platter of lemon potatoes


Rice, steamed broccoli and carrots
Did I mention my mother made 32 loafs of sweet bread to give out and 1000 cookies.
Guess who had to deliver them pffffffff?
There is lots more food that I haven’t mentioned.
Oh and the one I hate the most, I WON’T EVEN MENTION unless you twist my arm.
I don’t want to ruin your dinner or mine.
Now all that food
Is for 5 people
That’s what happens when you cook while you are starving.
They have enough food for 30 people and only 5 will be there.
Oh well I might as well get up and find my bib.


About time this carrot is finished.
Aren’t you happy veggies don’t reconstruct in your body before they come back out.


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