blue moon (2)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What A Weekend ©

There was a lot of running around, cooking and drinking of course this weekend.
Most of the drinking was done at Archie’s place from the second I got there.
Beer and Metaxa brandy.
A bottle of that and a case of beer for five people in 3 hours
We were drunk and out of beer.
Now Archie is the lazy sort and if he could get someone to go for a piss for him he would, so going to the beer store was out of the question.

Walker, go to the beer store.
Fuck that, it’s nine blocks away and all the weirdoes that are not in here are out there.
Come on I’m an old man of 64 years old.
You just turned 59 5 months ago, what are you doing using a dog calendar?
OK give me the money.
Hey this is a lot of money.
Yeah get a 24.
You want me to carry a 24 9 blocks through all those drunks, hookers and beggars?
No way.

Come on Walker.
I'll think about it.

I’m walking down the street getting closer to the park.
This is half way to where I am going.
Just as I get to the corner someone comes up and asks for money and I ignore him and the remark.
As I get deeper into the jungle I could see the junkies and drunks standing around plotting their next begging tactics
You couldn’t see a squirrel or hear a bird any where.
They were probably all eaten my now.
Someone grabs my arm and the thud could be heard across the street and his head hit the pavement.
His partner moved in and found out what a size 12 running shoe with arch support feels like.
Walking faster but keeping my eyes open for any sudden movement I get to the edge of the park.
I could see the other end of the path out of the park and rushed to it.
Made it, the beer store was now a block or two away.
I went into the store and grabbed the beer.
Stepping outside I surveys the street.
Walking down the street with a case of beer was like swimming in a croc infested river.
I should run around the edge of the park, there are less bushes to contend with and I could jump in the street if I had too.
I was almost half way back when this woman comes up and asks for a two dollar coin.
I said no but she kept jumping in front of me.
She said she would show me her tits for the money.
I said no and started around but she blocked me again.
Fuck, I had no time for this.
I dug into my pocket and gave her the coin and went to move around her but before I know it she lifts the halter top.
Everything at that moment was in slow motion.
I have fast reflexes and when something happens I react fast.
The top went up and the tits fell like stones towards the ground.
Instinct had me diving for the falling objects and gravity had the beer pulled to the ground.
End result.
Two pendulums swinging back and for just outside my reach and beer staining the sidewalk……………….

What are you doing, day dreaming again?
So are you going to the beer store or not.
Fuck that, I’m not going through that again.
I’m going home.
Besides I have a date at 9pm.

I came home, took a shower and sat down at the computer and waited for 9pm.
That’s when I went to a slumber party.
OH yeah.
When a lady invites you to a slumber party, you say yes.
Then when she informs you that she won’t be alone, smile and hope it’s not her gay male friend.
But it wasn’t two but seven women.
I can hear MrH even now in my head.
There was nothing to worry about MrH.
I thought about running before you did.
Besides my name is Walker, I don’t run.
I have two speeds.
Walk and taxi.
Honestly though I had a great time with these ladies and I thank them for having me in their company.
I was nervous in the beginning until somebody said something I recognized.
My name
But after that it was great, I had a good laugh.
I want everyone to know I did write down all the cake recipes and the brownies I’m making for sure next week.
It’s all shake and bake at these things.
Thank you Karen and Vickie for the inviting me.
Wow, that was something else and these ladies are all 10s in my book.
Guys, you know the battle of the sex’s thing.
Forget about it, we lost a long time ago.

I got me a new IPOD mini.

Now I am officially a geek.
Actually I got a great deal on it.
I got a phone call from a supplier and he said that they had to get rid of these IPODs for $150 each because of overstock.
I said cool so I head on over and check them out.
I liked the black one and I tell buddy I’ll take it.
He comes on over and hands me the box and upon inspection I notice that it’s blue and not black.
I tell him that it’s not black but he says that the blue ones are on sale, the black one is $299.
So, now I am thinking, what’s wrong with the blue one or what does the black on have beside my favorite color.
So I asked and he says the only reason they were selling them was because someone had made a mistake and the blue and black one were the same.
The only difference between the two IPODS was the color.
I have my standards.
He said $125.
You know, blue is not such a bad color once you get used to it.
On the way back I couldn’t help thinking that if they gave a free skin for the IPOD they could probably sold it for the same price as the black one and made a profit.
Oh well,
I got an IPOD.
So that was Walker’s weekend.

How was yours?


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