blue moon (2)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

House Work ©

It’s 3:30 pm in downtown Walkersville.
I’m just laying back in my over priced computer chair.
The music in the background playing is Eric Clapton’s “You look wonderful tonight”.
The sun is shining through the blinds filling the room with bright golden rays, exposing the fact that I need to dust, vacuum and sweep the floor.
I should do something today I guess soooooooooooo.
Stand up and stretch.

Oh, listen to that, it’s Barry White’s “You’re the first the last my everything
I pick up the broom and dance across the floor with the flow of the music.

Turn right………..spin left……….THUD….tripped on the carpet.

Twirl…..slide…………….... skip, hop, turn…….pirouette….. kick out

Down the hallway we go…………………Stop!!!!!!!!

New song

Rare Earths “Tobacco Road
Armed with the duster, I stride into the living room scoping out the situation, when my arm shoots out and started cleaning the shelves.
Moving with the screeching fury of the tenor sax blaring through the speakers I go through the living room to the TV room.
Tossing the duster to the other hand I wipe the knickknack shelf with the mechanical precision of a keyboard player fingers.

What’s that?
New Song you say.
Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang
This can only mean one thing.
Off to the washroom.
Spray bottle in my right hand
Spray bottle in my left hand
Can someone open the door please?
Ok the washroom took four songs
Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang
BTO’s”Taking Care of business
Moby’s”Extreme ways
And last but truly expressed my thoughts
Phil Collins’” I don’t care anymore”.

I stagger down the stairs wet from top to bottom trying to forget that some of it is toilet water.
I walk across to the stereo to the dieing voice of Phil Collins.
I got to stop the music and the insanity of all this cleaning, but I don’t make it.
A new song started.
AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck
Kick start the vacuumed.
Hear that engine ROOOAAAAR !!!!!!!!

I don’t either
BZZZZZZZZZZZZ sput sput crreeeeaaak bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Now that’s better, kinda.
Head nodding with the pounding of the beat, I wade in.
Furniture flies out of the way for the vacuum to pass.
Cats go running for their lives, well all except Emme, she's just to fat to run so just lays there to be devoured.
The speakers are dancing all over the room with the hammering of the bass, chasing me up the stairs to the bedrooms.
Up and around one, two, three bedrooms and I‘m done
Down the hallway and into the closet goes the vacuum just as Golden Earring twirls out “Twilight Zone

Grabbing the garbage I collected upstairs, I coast down the stairs walk into the kitchen grab the garbage there and vault to the door where I deposit the trash at the bin outside.
Walking in I kick off my shoes, close the door and I sit back in my chair just in time for
Bryan Adams’ “Everything I do, I do for you” to start.
Now how was that?
Does that sound like a fun filled action packed way to do house work or what?
That's the way to do house work

Well that’s the plan anyway, but for now,
I’ll just sit here and listen to some tunes
What did you think?
That I would do house work, on a beautiful day like this, I don’t think so.

Ah yes The Momas and Papas "Califoria Dreaming"

Have a nice day


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