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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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I got mad and now I got the mother of all migraines between my eyes.
Did I mention I got a temper?
Well I do.
It’s suppressed for most of the time but when I get fucked off and want to push my point across, especially when I am RIGHT, I can get in you face and I did that this afternoon.
I talked to the mother and said what I believe in and what you said stirring in my head. I went at her with a fury that must have left her shorts wet and not with pleasure.
I think the whole block heard me, so that secret is out of the box.
I told her she had to make it right somehow for her daughters sake.
When the daughter gets back she is due for a booster shot and before they go, her mother will discuss birth control with her and suggest she gets a shot to prevent her from getting pregnant.
This is a compromise to me telling the daughter outright that her mother deceived her and has done it already.
Remember the daughter is ignorant of the mother dirty deed.
She will get the booster shot thinking it’s a birth control shot.
This if anything will prevent any more damage to her body if she seeks birth control on her own. This will also hide the mother’s deed but hopefully it will start some form of dialog and maybe seek counseling for both of them because it’s obvious the mother needs some too.
It’s sad when you can’t trust the people who are the most important in your life, that’s why I made this plan to reestablish a trust that once existed before the madness took over, yes this is my idea.
The daughter has no idea what has transpired and has not lost trust in her mother yet.
I hope the mother could refrain from such behavior in the future and they get to enjoy the trust they always had.
I had a go at the doctor too who knows me well enough to know when I make a threat, I mean it.
I know this is just one lie created to cover up another lie but it balances the health books.
The rest is up to them.


I have a question, but I will ask it at the end of this post.

Today I was talking to a single mother who is having problems with her teenage daughter.
The daughter is a good student and has never given her any problems until recently. The mother has always sung the praises for the girl but now is muffed to what has happened.
This has been going on for several months now.
She has been reading her emails to find a problem but outside of normal teenage stuff like the boyfriend is tired of hand jobs and wants a blow job now there is nothing out of the ordinary.
Yeah, she got grounded for that email and doesn’t know why still.

The other day she got aggressive and smashed the cordless phone over her mothers head and she ended up calling her ex husband to come and get her daughter.
She has been punished with having to stay with her father now for 2 weeks every month.
She hates going there.

I have known this girl for most of her life and I saw her grow up.
She used to play with my youngest when I used to get her.
She was a good kid but I started seeing changes, but this is what kids to when they star to grow up.
Then her father got remarried 7 years ago and has had 2 more kids with his new wife.
This meant she was not an only child anymore and the new kids got the attention. She started not wanting to go to her fathers anymore and stayed with her mom.
Two years ago her mom had another daughter so now she was not alone for her mother’s attention.
She would seclude herself in her room for hours on end only coming out to take the plate and go back to her room.
She would refuse to go to family gatherings saying she was not well.
She was getting into trouble at school and displayed temper tantrums at home.
There were fights that caused her to fight with her husband.
She would take her daughter out shopping and buy her what ever she wanted hoping she would go back to the way she was but nothing.

Last summer she got a summer job babysitting at $400 a week and the mother showed up early and found 3 strange teems in her house among her kids.
She had invited her friends over and were messing around when the lady who hired her showed up.
Now I remember what it was like to be young and could see me doing some of this stuff.

Now sitting with the mother today she was telling me all that has happened recently with the email from the boyfriend and the trouble at school. She decided that she wanted her daughter checked.
Her daughter is going to Florida for Easter break with her grandfather so she told her daughter she needed to go to the doctor for a checkup first.
She took her daughter to the doctor but she went to talk to the doctor first.
She told the doctor she wanted her checked to see if she was still a virgin and wanted the doctor to give her daughter a shot for birth control.
The doctor told her that she was still a virgin and he gave her the shot.
When the daughter asked her mother later what the shot was for, her mother said it was to help with the acne problem she has.

Now this is where I am having a problem.
Shouldn’t the daughter be told about the birth control shot.
Say there were complication and she had to go to the hospital in Florida?
How would she know what to tell the doctors?
Then there is the trust factor, how is this girl supposed to trust her mother if she finds out that she is doing things to her without her permission and behind her back.
Now I know when we were kids and had to go for those fucken booster shots with those big FAT needles, we had no say because we were kids.
But this is different, she is fifteen and should understand what her body is going through and should be consulted before something is done to it.
I think the mother has to learn to cope with the changes her daughter is going through and see it as a child maturing into adulthood and give her the respect that a budding adult deserves and not betraying her trust and her rights.

So, was the mother right or wrong in having the shot administered without the daughter’s knowledge?


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