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Friday, March 03, 2006

Subpoenaed ©


I'll post verdict and sentence tomorrow as well as the post trial events.
Hear Ye

Hear Ye

Hear Ye

Court is now in session.

You have all been subpoenaed to take part in this session.
The task is easy.
All you have to do is hear the evidence, evaluate it and then give me your verdict.
Either guilty or not guilty


The case you are about to see is true.
It happened Thursday March 2 2006
The names have been changed to protect the author.

Today SIL called to tell me that my BRO was stepping out. AKA, fucking around.
She has always clamed this in their 12 year relationship.
Hours upon hours she talks to my phone.
Yes that’s right, for hours she talks to my phone while it’s sitting on the counter next to me.
The woman talks for hours on one breath and repeats everything over and over.

My BRO says no that it is a mistake.
He says that he has never stepped out on her in their 12 years.

The Evidence:

The sister in law produces her new cell phone.
Actually it’s the defendant’s old phone which he gave to the SIL.
On looking into the cell phone features, SIL finds 160 text messages that have not been deleted.
Said messages spun a web of mystery, sex and deceit.
Some professed undying love.
Others were directions to clandestine rendezvous.
The names were in code.

Inbox: “I love you” It’s Me

Ha ha ha “It’s me” … who the fuck else could it be, certainly not SIL …oh sorry

Sent: “I have the afternoon off; meet you at the same place. I love you” It’s Me (Maybe he’s a closet masturbator)


The SIL confronts BRO, with said information and BRO gets angry and storms off only to return soon with a defense.

The Defense:

Well according to him when she transferred the phone to her sister’s account (She wanted to save a connection fee) that all the text messages that were stored on her sisters account for the last 5 months went to his old cell phone.
So they aren’t his.


The SIL called her sister and was told that no one says “I love you” to her.

SIL called cell phone company and presented defendants defense and the response of the company representative was………….HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

BRO has been the only owner of said cell phone.

Closing Statements:

For the last 5 months BRO has been treating me and my daughter like shit. I have been called names that I can’t say her and controlled by his temper.
I now find these text messages on his phone and I don’t know what they mean. I don’t even know how to work text messaging. What am I to think?
Is he telling me the truth and it’s a mistake or is he seeing someone behind my back?


She’s delusional, crazy and always coming up with these stupid thoughts.
I’m innocent.

Judges’ Statement to the jury:

So the task at hand is to decide, guilty or not guilty with the evidence provided to you in this court and Walker’s remarks are to be ignored.
Now go to the comment box and tell me your verdict.


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