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Friday, March 03, 2006

Good Grief Charley Brown ©

During my leave of absence and other situations I have not had the time to properly express some of my thoughts and opinions on recent world issues.
One of which I found to be so fucken stupid it makes me wonder if people are that bored that they got to act like fucken lunatics over trivial matters.
Why would people go to war over cartoons?
Shit if everyone though along those lines South Park would be in HUGE fucken trouble.
Muslims burning flags and jumping up and down screaming vengeance and making asses of themselves and for what, a drawing depicting a figure of their religion.
Where were they when the Taliban were blowing up statues of Buddha that were older than their religion?
What, that wasn’t as important to you?
Did the Muslins RISE and run in front of the tanks screaming save BUDDHA?
No, they sat on the side lines cheering and LAUGHING at the coffee shops.
Well if you don’t give a fuck about someone else’s religion then why should we give a rat’s ass about yours?
Respect comes as respect is given.
Treat me right and I will return the same to you.
Act like a crazed animal then you will get what you deserve.
Do you think you’re special?
Tell us why many of you immigrate to countries where freedom of speech is a right that you don’t have where you come from.
Countries, where if you say something negative against the government you’d get your head cut off.
I have heard your protests up on the hill and the police surrounding you for your protection but when someone else displays their freedom of speech, you screech and cry and jump up and down.
I don’t see anything wrong with these cartoons.
The basically tell the truth.
A Jihad is a holy war, sanctioned by you religion.
You send suicide bombers to murder people and telling them they will go to heaven and get all the virgins they desire.
So when you say it, it's ok but when someone else does your cry.
Oh bite me.
Or is it because someone drew a picture of Muhammad that bites your ass.
They were just giving a face to someone thats as mysterious as the Wizard of Oz.
What’s the matter; are there no jokes in Muslim culture?
Come on, I know you must have a couple of jokes, like maybe.
How many Jews does it take to find a murdering terrorist.
Four, 3 to dig up the hole they are hiding in and one to lift the rock they are under or how many Americans does it take to chase the Iraqis out of Kuwait?
None just tell them they are coming.
There are two I just made up for you to use.
Yours is the only religion that I know where you could bring an AK47 to a fucken wedding.
What, there is no shotguns around to force these woman to marry your sons.
Now we are all preparing around the world for terrorist attacks because of cartoons or more to the point attacks by heartless brain dead idiots willing to sacrifice their life not for religion, not for their god, but because some FUCK told them that if they go out and kill themselves they would go to heaven and fuck Virgins.
What's the matter can't find a date?
Muslim heaven must have a lot of virgins.
Or really ugly old women that never got married and died at a ripe old age of 120 and are now waiting for some twit to come and give them some.
That’s if their dicks weren’t blown off in the explosion.
One more thing, fucking virgins isn’t all it’s cut out to be.
It’s messy and lots of crying and your parents freaking out after when they have to do the laundry and then there is the mess the woman makes on top of that. Pffffffffffft
I like pussy used and experienced, thank you very much.

What happened to intelligent thought?
Where are the people in this world who can see there is more happening around us like hunger, global warming and the Canadian men not winning the gold in Olympic hockey?
Those are the issues that need to be addressed.
Not some fucken cartoons.
If you wouldn’t cover your women like beds then you might spend more time in one with them rather than going and blowing yourselves up to find a virgin.
I'm not a religious person but killing people should not be part of one.
I hate a religion that sanctions murder.
I am going to take up Rastafarianism at least they have good pot.

Make love not war, makes for a more fun world.


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