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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Sentence ©

Well, it doesn’t look like I need count the votes.
Its 18 guilty and 1 “I’m stayin out of this one, I have a hard enuff time dealing with my family Walker!”.

So in order to pass sentence I think it only fare that there is a sentencing report of some sort.


He is a ……..I’m looking for a word……. FUCK, I know its there somewhere in my head.
Ok I’ll show you some examples and you can give me the word I can’t find in my comment box.
He is driven to do one thing and that’s make money at any cost to anyone but himself.
It’s like a decease that consumes him and he makes money.
Lots of it and he spends it just as fast on things, I wouldn’t waste my money on. Like a $10,000 car stereo in a $4000 van.
He goes out and spends money in the bar like it’s endless.
But when it comes to the home front, he’s tighter than a welded nut to a bolt.
SIL pays for 80% of bills from her mothers support allowance.
BUT, I have to add that he does taker her out to the casino and restaurants that cost quite a bit.
He is emotionally abusive to SIL as I have witnessed.
He called SIL from his cell phone to tell her he was screwing a hooker in the car and was making noises to that effect. I was right there with her.
He later denied it all saying she was delusional.
Even though I told him I was there he stuck by his story.
Oh when it comes to lying, he gets the Oscar


She is a ………. I’m looking for a word……. FUCK, I know its there somewhere in my head.
Ok I’ll show you some examples and you can give me the word I can’t find in my comment box.
I’m getting a deja vous feeling.

Her favorite thing in life is being the center of attention and she strives to achieve this every chance she gets.
Now, maybe that’s an ok thing…….but it’s how she does it that gets me going crazy.
She is one of those people who is always dieing or sick or has a close relative like a parent dieing to get people to pay her attention.
She has been self diagnosing herself for so long she believes she is on her last breath.
It’s been a 12 year mouthful of breath so far.
She uses pity to get attention.
That’s when she is not walking through a party telling everyone that BRO was fucking a hooker in the middle of his parent’s hall way while they were watching the whole time.
I got drunk that night?
NEVER ask her a question because the answer always starts from a spot in her early youth and proceeds to the present time.
For example:
“Do you have the time?”
SIL looks at watch “its 1pm”
“Thank You”
“See this watch? I once had one when I was 12. I remember going to town one day when I saw it and bought it. Gong to town was fun. We……”
You get the idea?
And a LIAR!!!!!!!!!
I opened the door to their apartment once and as I walked in she went flying over the couch, bounced off the coffee table and lay on the floor.
She looks up at me and says “Did you see that, he hit me”
BRO was 20 feet away from her and besides I saw her throw herself over the couch.
This was 7 years ago.
Then she throws her rob off and stands there buck naked saying. “What’s wrong with me”?
BRO yelling from the back for her to cover up
“Your tits are small”
“You asked what’s wrong and I said your tits are small”
She looks down at her tits and she walks away naked towards the bedroom.
2 years later I am standing in the computer store and she is in front of me topless showing me the new puppies she got for Xmas.
They’re still small LOL

There is a lot more I could put here and many of you have heard it all before.

So with the verdict being guilty

I sentence BRO to life with SIL.
To live in what ever hell they want to for two reasons.


Do you people think I would want to see these two break up and go out there in the world and FUCKUP two other perfectly normal people.
No one deserves either one of these two.
They went to a wedding and someone said the looked like Ken and Barbie.
From Hell


After talking to me on the phone and telling me all of this, she then proceeded the next day to call my mother and ask her to baby sit all night so that her and BRO can go out and apparently they had a great time.
Like NONE of this BS had happened.
The next day when I saw her she smiled brightly at me and walked by.

She just might have lied.

This session of Lost Here And Beyond is now closed


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