blue moon (2)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

To Be Or Not To Be ©

There has been something I have trying to figure out the last couple of days.
I have been seeing changes or actually not.
Just bare with me
For years I have been trying to loose weight to no avail.
I was kinda stuck around the same weight.
The most I have ever been is 317 pounds or 144 kilos and a size 54 pants.
Right now buck naked I’m 258 pounds that’s the lightest I have been in 11 years.
Not only that but I got into a pair of size 40 pants, that’s down from a 44 in 6 weeks.
Sounds great doesn’t it but I haven’t done anything to warrant this weight loss.
I know I have been stressed out a lot lately and am still shit deep in a pile of it but is that enough to make me loose 17 pounds?
I’ve been stressed before but gained weight.
I’m still eating the same and loosing weight.
I spend most of my time on the computer or in front of the TV, so besides going to the store next door, that’s all the exercise I get but yet I’m peeling off pounds.
Don’t get me wrong, I like wearing size 40 jeans.
Well maybe not these ones.
They’re the ones with buttons on the front instead of a zipper.
In the winter they get a bit, too drafty.
My shirts are getting bigger and a couple of shirts I recently bought that were small now fit.
When I went to the bar last Friday the bookie stopped what he was doing to come over to tell me I had lost a bit of weight and two other friends said as much.
At home I stand in front of the mirror and I look the same.
And why can’t I see it?
You would think I know where everything is on my body and would notice some of it leaving.
It must be covered up with the fat that’s left I guess, giving the illusion it’s still there.
I can’t see it because I still have to loose and convert another 40 pounds.
At this rate it won’t take long.
I picked up some wrist weights today to strap on while I walk.
They weigh 4 pounds each.
After about a month my arms should be dragging down to the side walk, mind you, I could see me walking around with my hands in the air when they’re off.
Still loosing weight as I have been can’t be right.

So do you think I’m getting a little paranoid about this or should I worry?


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