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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Phone Calls ©

Yesterday I had two conversations on the phone.
The first was with Monica.
I was surprised to get the call.
Yeah I know I had sent her my number but she never said when she would call.
She said hi from Brian.
It was my first call from someone in Texas.
It’s nice to talk to someone you have been reading on line and catch up on some of the things you have been reading about.
Mind you she spent enough time praising Brian. He’s got her hypnotized with his charisma.
I have talked to Brian before on MSN so it was good to talk to Monica.
I’m waiting for her to get a computer and maybe the three of us could talk on line.
I have talked to many people on MSN and on the phone over that last 11 months that I have been blogging and enjoy hearing the different accents.

The second phone call was with Lisa.
We spent over two hours talking.
We had a good conversation that answered most questions.
This whole thing has been about us, Lisa and me.
Many people decided they knew what we wanted and things got blown way out of proportion.
We settled everything last night and early this morning.
We both know how we feel about each other and it’s none of anyone’s business.
Most of the trouble was caused by people that DON’T read our blogs.
We know who our blogging friends are and are welcome. The Lurkers who came out of the woodwork have made the worst part of this.
If there are any problems that are still presenting themselves, they are only being produced by people outside of the two that are responsible for what happens, which is Lisa and myself.
None of you were there, none of you have anything to loose and the only thing you are gaining is prolonging something that is mute to ALL of you.
We paid the price and we decide what happens.
YOU HAVE NO FUCKEN SAY on what we decide and we decided yesterday.
We also decided it is none of anyone’s business what we decided on so you will never know.
As for the people who sent her nasty emails.
She wouldn’t tell me who it was but you know who you are so stop, NOW.
I understand this is a public forum but there was no need for the nasty stuff that was sent to Lisa.
All those IP’s from the comments by anonymous commenters I banned, will stay that way.
You don’t have the balls to show yourself then you don’t exist on this blog.

This post was read and sent back to me by Lisa with her approval before I posted it.

I won't be posting for a day or two so I could add some new links of new reads I have and to take care of some personal business, so see you when I get back.

Take care


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