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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ghosts In The Machine ©

I knew curiosity would get you here.
Oh and MrH, you can delete my comment now. LOL
Tell me, did seeing a comment you didn’t make cause your head to hurt?
I could have used your URL to but I wanted you to come here to tell you something I bet you either didn’t know or never bothered to check.
I never did, why should I, why should you?
You are my friends and EVERYONE is welcome on Walker’s site.
I have been talking through my blog comments to many of you and some of us speak on Msn, Yahoo and recently I talked to someone on the phone but mostly through my comment box.

In the comment box, you get to tell me what you think, say hi to me, say fuckoff to me you could say anything you want to me there.
Just leave your name.
Your name is the way I know who are and the link to your page next to it brings me to your home.
That’s an invitation from you to me.
The ones that come in here regularly, I recognize by name and when I read your comments I do it while holding my breath.
That’s because, that’s how much I respect what you have to say.

Toys, don’t you love toys?
TVs, stereo, car, SPORTS CAR, power saws, and computer and let’s not forget SOFTWARE.
You got to love software eh MrH.
I got software going back a decade and more.
I got the new stuff too and if it is blog related you can bet your tight little hinny, that I got it.
I got stuff on my blog that does all sorts of shit. Ask MrH he’s been looking through my template.
But there is still stuff you don’t see.

Going through my comments the other day and deleting anonymous comments I noticed something.
I was so………intrigued.
I was so intrigued by what I was noticing that I went through 2000 comments.
Then I did some searching, hours of it.
I needed to know because it is very important to me.
To you to I think.
The deeper I got into my comments the wilder the story got.
I wasn’t alone looking through this, noooooooo, so I wasn’t nuts, just going NUTS.

We go through life recognizing things we see everyday.
People we meet and talk too.
People we share with.
We become accustomed to certain things in life and take them for granted.
I look at a friend on the street walking by and I think there’s Paul.
I see him I know him I recognize him.
You come into my blog, I see you and what country you’re from and yes city too.
You leave a comment, well the ones that want to comment that is and I recognize your name.
But is it you?


Going through my comments I noticed you all have a distinct signature from where you come from and it’s the same every comment.
Just as I do.
But there is someone else out there because I saw you.
First by accident, then I went hunting you deeper into my blog and I found you yet again.
But this time you were someone else.
Someone I know and like.
Gasps coming from research partner.
I am now chain smoking or chain lighting would be a better description.
I had one on the go in one ash tray and lighting another.
This was insane.
One of my friends was a Jeckle and Hyde.
I CAN’T TRUST ANYONE ANY MORE I think to myself.
I had to dig deeper and yet there again it was, so we probed deeper and then the impossible happened a third person with the same signature.
Someone we know again.
Now I am smoking two cigarettes and mindlessly eating a double slice of banana cake.
Four months back I went and 5 people were the same person.
It was now growing into a football team.
They were saying they were YOU.
I won’t say who the four people are but I know it wasn’t you because I traced the other IPs to where you truly live.
I cross referenced IPs with my map stats and know it wasn’t you.
And it’s not only on my Blog.
We went as far back as 6 months and found this person.
Now I am wondering who the hell am I talking to when I read your comments.
This person was also the anonymous shit disturber.
I don’t truly know how all of this works or if I am right or wrong but I know that it’s easy to be who you’re not.

Did you see how easy it was for me to come to some of your blogs and use your Name?
I could go to someone else’s blog and use your name and say what ever the fuck I want and put your URL there making them think it’s you.

Do you really know who you’re talking to on your blog?
How many times have I commented on your blog but not even been there or you on mine.
Have you ever gone to a site to find that you have already left a comment but don’t remember being there?
Lurking is one thing but this is way out there.
This is twilight zone shit.
Can you imagine MrH pretending to be Fizzy, a duck with a tool belt?
What I really want to tell you all, is that we are not alone.
We are being watched, used and to keep that in mind when you are talking to people in your comments.
Tell people what could happen and let it be known that we, the true bloggers know you’re there and we are watching and looking for you.
Don’t take comments from the people you know for granted if the comment is hurtful or out of character until you check and make sure it’s from someone you really know or a copycat.
Be safe not sorry, know who you are talking too.


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