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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Visiting Dead People ©

Tag Tag Tag Tag again.
Thanks to Dot and MrH
According to Dot it’s my fault for being so liked.
Thanks Dot
The fact that 2 people tagged me may also only mean that only 2 people like me.
I’ll do the tags first chance I get.

Geeez, people like me.
Maybe someone will like me enough to put me in their will.
No, wait I got a better idea.
I should get people to invite me to funerals throughout the world.
And maybe even give me a photo copy of the death certificate for a souvenir.
Now that would be worth something.

Here is something I learned today.
It’s amazing how we‘re still learning.
I learned that if you fly with Air Canada to anywhere in the world for a funeral and produce a photo copy of the death certificate, you get half your money back.

Fuck Off
What BS is that?
Now that was my reaction.
It appears this person I know, goes to the UK 3 times a year like that.

3 TIMES a year.
How big is her family?
Surly, they must be running out of people?
She would go to her third cousin’s, best friends, father’s neighbor’s grand father’s new wife’s funeral if she could get a photo copy of the death certificate and get half her money back.

How do people learn this shit?
Is there a book out there written by people who actually read the fine print on company policy that I haven’t seen?
Or does everyone know this and I’m just plain stupid.
Ok, no one answer that.

I’m one of those people who hears about a 99.9% sale the day after so I’m not surprised I didn’t know about this..
This could be a hell of a way to travel and save heaps of money.
You go on line, choose a newspaper of a country you want to visit.
Then go through the deaths, find a name and say you‘re going to that person’s funeral. When you get there, after a couple of weeks, you go to city hall and pay for a photo copy of the certificate.
Death certificates are on pubic record.
I bet your travel agent never told you this shit EH.
Probably would cut into their commission.
It cost her $450 dollars to go to Scotland return just last month.
Someone could start a hell of a business.
They could call it “Travels By The Crypt “travel agency.
Why not?
They got a show called “Six Feet Under” why not an Air Line called “Coffin Air”.

I could see myself now sitting in the seat on a Coffin Air flight and I look next to me and see a ghost looking at me.
He says “aye, top of the day to yeah”
Who the FUCK are you?
“I’m William O’Brian. You’re goin to me funeral. Make sure ye say something nice about me or I’ll haunt you forever”……..

I don’t think I could lie about something like that.
“I’m going to visit dead people” naw, not my style…. I see enough drunks here on the street.


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