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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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Four Jobs I have had:

I was an Ice man once, the one that delivers ice not the mafia kind.
That had to be my favorite job of all I think. I used to start at 9 am and finish at 1 am. I drove throughout the valley and deliver ice. There was this one time I delivered ice to the CLOG. That was a 3 day festival that went on in the country.
There were various country western bands and some pretty big name headliners.
I remember on my third and last run (they went through a lot of ice. There were 10,000 people camping out there) I was parked and unloading the truck when a group of stoned and drunk girls came by. They were trying to talk my partner and me to go to their site and party. We told them we were working and you see after work. (After work Walker was looking for his bed)
As I was standing at the side door facing in I recall someone saying he’s mine and a hand grab me by the back of the belt and out the door I went.
I landed on the ground with a big thump on my back and some woman jumping on top of me.
As soon as I got my wind back, I peeled her off and went to rescue my partner from the group trying to get him out of the truck.
We finally got free of them. (After promising to go to their site after work. When the truck was emptied we got in the truck and I started driving off when from the passenger side I heard “you can’t leave yet” and someone grabbed my helper and was trying to drag him out the window.
Holding onto his jeans with one hand and the wheel with the another hand we both got out of there and back to the shop, loaded with a case of beer and that story as a reminder.
I just realized something. I used to spend my time trying to pick up chicks and getting lucky and here I was running away from it. “Thud”
You also had to remember, we dealt in cash and at any given time we sold 8000 bags at $1 and most was cash, so we didn’t know what they were after.

I worked as a courier for a couple of years and let me tell you it was different back then. We delivered anything any where. I once drove 200 kilometers to deliver a package. The money was good because it was the last delivery of the day and it paid $180 because it had an envelope coming back.
I was so much in a hurry to get it I didn’t look at the address. They had told me it was going to Montreal so I had started on my way without checking the address.
Half way there I looked at the address and it wasn’t Montreal but it was close. It was OKA and there was a shooting war out there at that time with the army and tanks. The Indians armed with US army surplus rifles had dug themselves in and there was one person dead already.
So what should that matter to me you may ask.
Nothing really except that there were army roadblocks all over the place and I had long hair down my back almost to my belt. Throw in the fact that it was summer and I worked outside and had a tan and you got a person that looks like a native Indian. It had been said to me before that I looked like one.
I pulled over and freaked on my dispatcher for sending me into a war zone without a warning.
The assured me it should be ok.
Yeah sure, he was 180 kms from here say scratching his butt.
I put up my hair and tucked it under may hat and drove towards OKA.
Yup, there it was a road block so I avoided it and went in from the back. It took me awhile but I didn’t need the headache. I found the place and dropped the parcel and left with the envelope.
As soon as I got on the open highway I contacted my dispatcher and told him I had the package and he asked what my ETA would be and I told him 12 hours. He yelled at me saying it was a 2 hour drive and I pointed out that Montreal was 30 minutes away and you don’t just drive by a party town. LOL
Then there were the horrible deliveries, they were called specials and we all hated them. They were pick ups from the children’s hospital to the Main Hospital.
They were dead babies going for autopsies. They are now done by ambulance I have been told for free but at the time it was too expensive.
I wonder if the parents of these kids knew who delivered their precious.

In the beginning, my first job was working as a cleaner in various government buildings. I actually did it for 20 years. I started at the age of 10 and owned 2 companies. It wasn’t my thing at the time but that’s what my parents wanted.
I remember one time as I was working at the National Press building across from the Parliament Buildings. I was washing the stairs and there was a washroom between 2 floors I had to wash. As I pushed the door it didn’t budge.
Now there is no way to lock this door because there is no lock.
So I pushed a little more and it still held shut.
Well fuck this. I’m no small guy. I put the mop and pail to the side and give a good kick with my foot and the door gave way and swung open.
There lying on the floor was a guy.
I look past him and there was another guy fucking a woman on the sink with one of her legs spread to the window sill and he was holding the other.
Did I mention I had to wash the fucken sinks to?
They 2 guys peeled out of there real fast and just left the girl standing there bottomless with a pissed off cleaner.
She got dressed and left while I waited outside.

I worked in a brothel for awhile. That was a job.
Free pay TV and hookers what more can you ask for.
Did I mention KFC was next door too?
Chicks and chicken and they were both fried.
It was like working at a meat market. The guys came in and checked out the girls like you would a side of beef and decide who was going to take his money.
They would then pay me for the room and off they would go.
I had a customer once come in and want to use the place as a spa as it was advertised and I had to let him.
He came back 20 minutes later and wanted a massage.
So one of the girls went with him and 10 minutes later I was summoned to the room and asked me why it was $300 for a massage.
I informed him that I only rented the rooms and didn’t know why.
30 minutes later he walked up to the room with a big fucken grin. I guess he found out why it costs so much.
Four movies I can watch over and over.

This is a tough one.
I have seen so many great movies.
Field of Dreams is a huge favorite for me. It tells me that if you don’t make amends with someone close or tell someone you love them then you may never get a chance if they are gone.
This movie hits home also because my father has never shown any affection toward me. Has never said he loves either me or my brother but I know he does.
I guess it’s a macho thing. I also loved the baseball history they showed also.

Jeremiah Johnson and I don’t know why.
It’s a movie I have seen 40 times and if it was on the TV right now I would be watching it.
I think it’s the adventure.
The struggle to survive through what ever Mother Nature or man throws at him. Robert Redford did a great job playing the part in this movie of a mountain man who knew nothing in the beginning and went through so many hardships to survive in the wilderness.
Indians are constantly trying to kill him because they think he is a great warrior and their young bucks go out to find him and try and make a name for themselves by killing him.

The African Queen I could watch for ever. That was one of my first Bogey movies. They way Hepburn and Bogey fell in love while on a mission that would surly kill them both.
Using a beat up boat that was held together with string and spit they made it work for the. They went through so many obstacles and almost were defeated but they never gave up and in the end it all came together and they survived. The leech scene had my skin crawling though.

Casablanca is one of my favorites for basically the same reason as the African Queen except that the good guy looses the girl to the dweeb.
Damn that Bogey knew how to act.

4 Places I have lived

I have live in the same region but let’s see what I can come up with.

I lived in an apartment building in Gloucester. That was the first time I got a dog. I remember getting Sammy as a pup. Well he was the mayor’s dog but I ended up with him and I refused to give him back. The dog was sold to me by mistake but he was so cute I couldn’t give him up. He was a pure breed KeesHound and a big fur ball.
I had lost him once in the apartment and couldn’t find him anywhere.
After giving up and going to the fridge for a beer.
Guess who I found chilling.

I lived in Ottawa most of my life.
This is where I was raised and where I live today.
There are a million stories I have from here and met so many people and shared so much in this area.
My kids were born here.
I don’t know if this is where my bones will rest but I do know it’s a nice place to live in.

I lived in Vanier.
A predominantly French town within a town
I lived there for a year and am surprised I didn’t get killed with some of the shit I got into because I didn’t speak French.
It was a low income area and most people were on welfare and lots of drug dealers.
I remember my upstairs neighbor putting up a tent in the yard one day and didn’t even sleep in the damn thing.
The next day it was gone. I found it strange that he did it but brushed it off.
A week later I find out he was busted for 500 grams of hash and was locked up.
Soon after I was sitting watching football in the living room and looking out the window at the place he had set up the tent.
I got up and got out my shovel.
NEVER try and dig a hole with a snow shovel.
After about an hour I was rewarded with about a kilo of black hash.
Well at that time of my life the only thing I could really say was…….
I sold half and used the money to get the hell out of that city. It has since been cleaned up though.
But before I moved, the guy was released on bail.
You know how I know this?
Because I got up on afternoon and there were holes all over the yard and I mean ALL over the place.
I asked him what was up and he said he just lost something.
I bet. Did I mention he got a hundred thousand dollar inheritance and he used the money to buy a Harley and drugs?
Give me that kind of money and I could find a better investment.

I lived in Nepean too, for a short time.
I had to move and quick.
How the hell did I know she was married, sheeeeeeeesh.

4 T.V. Programs I love

Fear Factor and only because I love to watch these people eat all this weird shit that would kill most animals and all for money.
I would jump out of a plain for money or bungee jump for money hell I want to do it for the fun of it but eat pickles pig uterus and pickled bull balls. BLAAAAH.

The Great Race is the only reality show I like. You get to see so much of the countries that they travel to and the culture. This show has taught me so much about how other people live within the region they live in. It also has the added feature that you have to rely on a partner and it like a team effort. The family Great Race was one of my favorites that I just saw.

The Antique Road Show You never know what you see at this thing.
You could have a shitty looking pot at home that is worth thousands of dollars. I am amazed to hear what some junk is worth but to see someone face when they learn that the ugly clay pot that they have been using in the garden for the last 20 years is worth $500,000 and just thinking of the time your son had propped coke cans on it to shoot at with his pellet gun.

Science Fiction Shows like Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. I am a big western fan and these shows come as close to a western as you can get without John Wayne or Jimmy Stewart being in them. These particular shows appeal to me because of their humor and drama.

4 Places I have Vacationed

New Zealand
You have all read my posts on this so I don’t have to give you any more.
I must say though that 4 hours of turbulence between Vancouver and Hawaii was horrible.
I walked onto that plane with a belly and got off with no belly but tits and some kick ass hips. I had to stand outside on the road in Honolulu jumping up and down just to shift it back in place.

Quebec City I have been there so many times and I will go again. It’s a beautiful old city that has so much culture to offer all visitors. I learn something new every time I go there. They have cobble stone streets and an army of horse drawn carriages you could rent.
There is a street totally devoted to artists and in the summer you could go down there and see some off them painting landscapes and some doing portraits.
Talking about Quebec City I have to mention Montreal to because I go through there to get to Quebec City. This is a party city of 3 million with many different cultures. They have a long history as well.
I always learn something new when I got to these places. The last time I was there I found out that Anna Leonowens is buried in Montreal. You may know her from The King and I. It’s a long way from Siam (Thailand).

Powel River British Columbia A beautiful little fishing village which is basically a retirement town now. There are some gorgeous houses there and very old ones. I found the people extremely friendly and willing to go out of their way to help you. For example:
I bought something at a store for me to bring back as a souvenir and they forgot to put it in the bag. I called to ask if they had it and that I would pick it up the next day but they offered to drop it off where I was staying.
Go to a department store and see if they would do that for you.

Greece, now I was 11 I think when I went there. As a kid I had a fun time doing what kids do but if I was an adult I would have had a horrible time. I saw some things mostly churches; my grand parents were strictly religious and I was a sinner.
See, I know how to have fun. (Listens for thunder)
They put churches in the hardest places to reach, makes you wonder if they really wanted people to go there.
I had to climb a stinking mountain to get up there and do you want to know how we got to the base on the mountain.
Do you really?
Well everyone rode in the back of dump trucks.
Yes, dump trucks because there were no buses in this neck of the world. 2 hours in the back of a dump truck with no seats and full of people.

4 of my favorite dishes

Seafood pizza with scallops shrimp, crab and hollandaise sauce, parmesan cheese and mozzarella

Steak and lobster (Surf n Turf) with a lot of melted butter with parmesan cheese grated into it. The steak has to be medium with a little hint of blood showing. Side order of sautéed onions and mushrooms

Clam chowder, it has to be rich and creamy. None of that watery stuff

Curry Anything I love spicy food. I just went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant and feasted on a huge buffet of various foods. I guess I should throw in Mexican food here too because I like the spicy food they make some hot food down there.

4 Sites I visit everyday.

This is a silly one for me to choose.
I visit everyone on my blog rolls from the first one to the last one and many that I haven’t added yet and are on my favorites list. I must say the bloggers that don’t blog anymore are still there in hopes they come back.
Ok I’m lazy and haven’t deleted them.
I visit MrH 10 times a day because he posts more than once at times. I should get him to post on the weekends for me.
So I will put some non blogging related sites I visit daily.

I visit my MSN daily many times in fact. I get heaps of emails which I do answer unless they are jokes from JO or Dot in which I am holding my sides on the floor and can’t reach the keyboard.
Then there are those emails from MrH that say I have been tagged which I HISS at.

I visit everyday where I play backgammon. It’s the only real pleasure I get everyday especially when it’s -30 outside and the snow is knee level

BLOGGER, which I have been known to spit at every time it FUCKEN EATS UP ONE OF MY POSTS!!!!!!!!
I now write my posts in word and use the Blogger tool bar to post it and then go in and add any pictures and links that I need because they haven’t figured out how to do that yet or I haven’t figured it out yet. I love google love it love it.
What did you think I shoot my mouth off without researching what I am saying?
I’d be a stupid fool if I didn’t.
I’m still looking into Elvis being alive and working at a gas station in Tweed Ontario.

4 Places I would rather be right now.

Someplace warm
Someplace warmer
Someplace really warm
Someplace really really warm

My Motto: Life is too short to wait for it to come to you.

As is tradition here on LHAB I will tag no one but WILL remember 3 special people.
You know who you are. (Insert Jaws theme here)

Ok this was a ball breaker post to write so I will be leaving it here for a bit considering it will be just as hard to read.
So take your time.
Opps, if your reading this then its to late you have read it already.
Never mind

Have a nice day


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