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Thursday, February 09, 2006

A View From The Sky ©

I would like to thank you all for your best wishes on my return home. It was a warm feeling reading your words.

Well, I’m home.
It was a long flight, over 30 hours travel and an adventure in itself.
I was turned back at the Wellington airport after being sent off and had to go find a booth to buy a departure sticker.
After getting that I then was allowed to leave New Zealand.
I was strip searched once and went through 3 other searches.
I lost my lighter yet again but this time to the delight of the other smokers on board, I had smuggled a box of matches in my back pack and we all gathered in Hawaii for a smoke or two, I had three.
The whole return trip was surreal.
I was all fucked up and in a daze.
My mind was wandering the whole time.
The first leg of my trip was weird to say the least.
I sat next to a blonde with a bronze tan, blue eyes and long legs with knobby knees on her way to Sydney.
She was flirtatious and smiley the whole trip.
I was bug eyed at her bobbing Adams apple and deafened by her masculine raspy voice.
Can we all say YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After arriving and being held up by customs, I could hear my name being called on the loudspeaker informing me that my plane was loaded and wanted to know where the fuck I was.
Running through the airport with a heavy backpack and heavier heart, I got there in time to say “here I am” only to be grabbed by U.S. security and to be searched and have my lighter taken yet again.
This, the longest portion of my flight was harder than all the others. I had 10 hours to think to myself and there was no pit lower I could have been in at that time, despite how high up the plane was.
At least I had 2 seats to myself and spread out.
Upon reaching Hawaii, my matches made 8 friends and we sat outside smoking as fast as we could.
Inside the terminal and going through customs I was pulled aside and taken to a room where I was search down to my shorts and my bag was emptied.
They still didn’t find the matches.
The flight from Hawaii to Vancouver had me sitting alone again with room to stretch.
It was an event free flight and I just sat there lost in my thoughts. The whole trip I had brought a book with me and after 30 hours had read 12 pages and had not seem the 5 movies that were shown.
From Vancouver to Ottawa I sat next to a lady with a 2 week old baby that was cute as a button.
I swapped places with her during the flight so she could breast feed “Mary” without feeling uncomfortable with people staring along the aisle. This was her first child and she had to be no more than 20 years old.
In Ottawa my sister in law was waiting for me at the airport with my father and after picking up my bag I drove us home.
Yes, I drove because THEY were tired.
I wasn’t home long when the phone started ringing and I was lured out to Archie’s place where there was a party thrown together for my return.
While in NZ I had sent a couple of post cards back to some people and Archie was one.
They were place on a stand like alter on the table for all to see and apparently people were dropping by to stare at them and find out if there was any more news.
Needless to say even though I refused drinks I got home drunk.
Even though it was a party I felt like I was at a funeral.

I am including in this post my flight home via pictures.
I don’t know when I will post again, my head is all fucked up right now, but I will try and come back soon, but I’ll tell you what.
With in all my misery there was a happy story so I will tell it to you now and hope that it will keep you all entertained enough to keep stopping by.
MrH says I have lost my readers.
I like to think that I don’t have any readers but friends that stop by and keep me company every now and again and put up with my potty mouth.
Gezzz 4 hours with a new born and I am saying potty.

While at the party Archie pulled me aside to tell me something.
Archie is a hard headed SOB who does things his way.
He was once married for 6 months; he had told his wife not to get pregnant until they had money saved up to start a family.
Her mother said not to listen to him and she tossed the pill away and got knocked up.
He left her as soon as he found out.
She gave birth to a son and Archie has never seen him.
The boy is 26 years old now.
For years we have been fighting because of what I think he should do and him saying he wants nothing to do with the boy.
Well last week while Archie was shoveling snow at the side with one of his gofers, this guy came up to the door and asked him if Archie was living here.
Arch being the suspicious type told him no and asked what he wanted him for.
The guy said that he was Archie’s son and stopped by to see him.
Archie just stood there staring at the boy not knowing what to do next.
He walked around and opened the door and told him to come in and to sit down.
He told Jessie (His son) that he was Archie to which the boy replied I know I have seen you many times before.
He told Archie he didn’t come by to start trouble and that he held no animosity towards him what so ever. He just wanted to meet his father.
Archie told me he was set aback by the boy and his honesty.
Archie told him he was sorry for not being there for him and that his ex wife was a bitch and that his ex mother in law was a whoring “C word” and the boy was just a casualty.
They talked for a couple of hours and then Jessie had to go to work.
Archie asked for his phone number to call him later in the week.
The boy was surprised at the request but gave his number.
On the weekend Archie called the boy and Jessie was shocked to hear from him. He told Archie that he didn’t think he would call but true to his word, Archie called.
Archie lives by the same code I do and we do what we say.
Our word is the only thing we are born with and the only thing no body can take away from us.
Archie was telling me that Jessie was calling him “Dad” and I could see the glow on his face every time he said DAD.
They made arraignments to go out to dinner next week and get more acquainted.
Archie with a big smile on his face shook my hand and he said that I was right and he should have found the boy years earlier.
He welcomed me home and we had a few more bottles of wine before I slipped out and went home.
I guess it’s never to late to fix things.


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