blue moon (2)

Monday, February 06, 2006

My Time Is Up ©

The time has come.
This is going to be a short post because I am at this moment packing to go home.
I do this with a heavy heart.
I came here with two specific reasons and I am leaving with many, many more to be sad for leaving.
I have met people here who I have learned to care for and respect.
The two most important people I met were Lisa’s kids.
Here are two lads who a parent can only be proud of.
They both are so different from each other but both the same in many ways but what is most important is that they honestly like each other.
Ryan looks up to his big brother Cameron, and Cameron looks up at his little brother Ryan.
I met Lisa’s friends and family and what can I say more than, she has great taste in friends and they all love her.
You all know how I feel about Lisa and I will miss her the most, but I do have to go home and there is a life there waiting for me and people who can’t wait to have me back.
I will be gone for a little while but I will be back.
I have hundreds of pictures to show you and I know some of you, will be wanting to see this little piece of paradise.
Until I see you again
Have a nice day.


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