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Monday, February 13, 2006

Smart Meter ©

First I would like to thank everyone for the emails of support and the comments left on my last post.
New Zealand is a beautiful country to live in and to visit.
As for my time with Lisa, that was another matter.
Since I never told her my thoughts of our time together I can’t really put them here to ambush her with them either.

So let’s move onto something I just found out.
It seems the city council has been looking at some new parking meters that would cut the work force in half and apparently save the city a heap of money.
They work something like this.
The new meters will be connected via some sort of wireless medium to a central computer.
When someone puts money in the meter it lights up on the mainframe and now the meter is being monitored.
When the time expires then they will dispatch someone to go check it and to give out a parking ticket if required.
Sounds easy enough doesn’t it?
To easy if you ask me.
What happens if I park my car and don’t put in any money?
Then the mainframe believes that no one is parked there because the money is what triggers the meter and what if someone left before the time expired and a meter maid is dispatched for nothing.
I’m wondering if the people who buy these ideas really take a good look at what they are buying and if they do take a look, what are they thinking about.
Obviously they can’t be thinking very hard if they plan to spend millions of dollars on these meters and then loose millions of dollars from not getting parking ticket money.
So looking at these meters the points the stick out the most are:

1. They create unemployment
2. They cost a lot of money to buy
3. They cause wasted time
4. They loose money

Don’t get me wrong, if they buy these meters I WILL park at them all the time.


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