blue moon (2)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

These shoes Were Not Made For Walking ©

Stand back this is a….. or might be……. well I guess I could honestly say a drunk post.

What do I write about since I am here?
No, I can’t write about that because it happens on the weekend..

I know
Why I’m depressed.
No, I can’t write about that until March 5th
Well that’s 2 posts I don’t have to worry about


I GOT IT!!!!!

I will write about what I do when I am bored.
It’s sort of an in between post.
Don’t worry you will get the juice in due time.
It’s not my way to shut up.
Especially if I have been drinking


What does Walker do when he is bored?

Let’s see.
Well not so much different than some of you do.
When I get bored or depressed I go out shopping.
Sound familiar ladies.
Yup I went out and got something that will make me happy.
For awhile at least
Isn’t that they way it works
Now I know this looks like it is geared for female readers but guys just sit back and wait it’ll get interesting.

And Noooooooo
It wasn’t a hooker!

So what did I go out and buy you may ask.
Now some women or at least the ones I know would be out buying clothes specifically shoes or boots.  (I just know I will hear from Chosha for stereo typing)
It’s quite the experience I understand.
I do like shoes and it sounds good to me but… I don’t have a shoe fetish.
In fact most guys don’t.
I got myself a 43 inch wide screen T.V. instead. (It’s silver and I hate silver)
It’s almost the same as a pair of shoes, or boots right?
Just think of it.
Shoes look good at the end of your feet.
A 43 inch wide screen projection TV. looks good, as you’re looking past your feet.
It’s the same thing, almost. (I better be getting big thumbs up from MrH at least for this B.S.)
But a T.V. has something foot wear doesn’t have.
Boots and shoes you could stomp around in but a T.V. has a remote.


The person who has possession of the remote is GOD!!!!!!!!!
It says so in the manual that no one reads.
You can get servant privileges when you have control of the remote.
The person with possession of the footwear goes and serves the one with CONTROL.
For example:
“I want to watch football, Cindy”
“Aw no problem Bob, just drive down to the corner store and get me some ……..  first”


You can use the “mute” button.
Imagine if you could actually mute someone for real with a remote.
You’d have me ending this post right now.
The kids “mute”
Your partner “mute”
I can seen that smile on your faces now.
Remember I am drunk and could see you through the monitor.
So, a wide screen projection TV with a remote is a better investment than a pair of shoes the way I see it.

Now let me tell you how I got to buying a T.V.
When I got back from New Zealand, I was stuck with my big screen broken.
It’s my main viewing set.
Since I didn’t have the $400 at hand to fix it, I had to find another way.
It seems that they don’t have a fix now and pay later repair shop so I went to an electronics store and bought myself an $1856 brand new one and only because they gave a 15 month don’t pay a cent or interest deal.
How sad is that?
You can get a new television without a cent but you can’t fix your old one the same way.
Well I think I’ll go watch some T.V.

This has been sponsored by the scotch that was once in this bottle


Geeez I can even spell the freakin name
No Argdbeg
No, that’s not it either
THAT’S IT !!!!!
What kind of a name is that for fucken scotch anyway?
It tastes like it was filtered through the fens and my mouth feels like it’s been sucking bark.
And where does that name come from?
The Scot that came up with that freaking name must have been drinking this shit …………. Hey is the keyboard still on ……..
Shit, everyone must have heard that

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