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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Deja Valentine ©

Valentine’s Day is here again and I find myself in yet the same spot I was in last year for exactly the same reasons with the same person.
How is that for some irony?
This year it was supposed to be different but I guess not.
Then again what is Valentines Day?
Let’s see.
It is supposedly a day to express your love for the other person in your life.
What the fuck do you do for the rest of the year?
Not love them?
I can see it now forming in my head. (I think in color if anyone cares to know)

Valentine’s Day

“Good morning Judy”.
“Happy Valentines Day”
“I have a surprise for you today”.
Out comes the little box and the bouquet of roses and yes… chocolates.
Inside the box is an expensive bracelet.

“Oh this is beautiful Bob”.
“You know what I like”.
“I got you something too”.
Out comes the big box.

Inside the big box is a brand new Play Station.
“Oh I wanted to get one of these thank you very much baby”.

This is concluded with dinner at a fine restaurant and a night of drunken sex.

Post Valentines Day the next 364 days

“I want my breakfast”.
“Why are you sleeping and when the fuck, are you going to fuck me”?
“I should have married Mary”.
“She still looks as good as she was when I married you and not the fat pig that you have become”.

“And what fucken Adonis do you think you are and why would I want to fuck you for anyway, you stink of beer”.
“All you do is sit at the T.V. and play with that fucken Play Station game and get drunk”. “You could help me around the house instead of sitting there on the couch smelling of beer half the night”.
“If I would have married David, I would be living in a big house with servants”.


Valentine’s Day is a commercial Holiday as far as I’m concerned.
It is celebrated by the florist companies as a national if not world holiday.
If you don’t love the person your with all the time, Valentine’s Day is not going to save you.
You’re fucked.
I think Valentine’s Day should be any day.
You should tell your partner you love them at least once a day.
This bull shit “I don’t have to say it because they know” is a line for people who don’t love you or take you for granted.
I think that everyday people should act like it was Valentines Day and they should create a holiday called: I Hate You Today Day.
That way you would have a day to blow your stack at each other once a year and you wouldn’t have to buy each other presents.
It’s just a thought.
Why can’t someone just spontaneously surprise their partner and say Happy Valentines Day on June 7.
Now that would be a surprise.
I bet that would make them more happy being surprised than knowing to expect a surprise.
Why does how much you love someone have to be shown only on Feb 14 and not any day?
Ok the florist companies would be screwed but who gives a rats ass about them. They’ll get their money through out the year as opposed to all of it on one day.

Since it is Valentine’s Day and I know there are those of you out there with someone special to celebrate it with,

I’ll wish you a Happy Valentines Day and for the rest of the year too.

But think about my idea


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