blue moon (2)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sunset Sunrise ©

This post will get me into MrH’s bad book for slowing down his browser.
These are pictures that a friend I just made in New Zealand took.
They are sunsets and sunrises in and around Wellington.
Chris took time off from his daily life to spend time with this wandering tourist.
He took me fishing where I caught ABSOLUTLY NOTHING but the company was so good that I never noticed.
Everyone else noticed the raw squid smell from the bait we used when we walked by though.
He also took me fishing off a pier which was inhabited by some daring and frisky RATS and you all know how much I just LOOOOOOOOVE rats.
But again the company (and the butt end of my fishing rod) made me forget the little vermin.
The young lad you see in 2 off these pix is Liam, his step son and Fi’s youngest.
She’s another friend that I knew before I got to NZ.
Liam is the toughest little lad that I have ever met and one of the nicest.
A future extremes sport champion if I ever met one.
I met his two older brothers as well Haden and Sam.
They’re a fearless couple of lads too.
One day while I was at their house I noticed some pictures of sunsets on the wall and wondered where he bought them and I was informed that they were not bought but taken. He proceeded to show me more and what can I say here that you can’t see for yourself.
So I will let your nights end with these beautiful sunsets and I will see you when the sun rises.

Thank You Chris and Fi for your time and company.



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