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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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Since I will be gone for awhile I am throwing up the posts I had writen for the next couple of days.
Have a nice weeked all


I am going to interrupt my answering posts on the questions you so graciously gave me (I did ask you for them) with something else.
I want to post about the changes that have happened since I came to New Zealand.
This is not about me in NZ, but what has happened back home in my absence.
I have been bombarded by emails from friends and family. They all tell me how they miss me and ask when I am coming home.
Someone is in from Italy to see me and was disappointed I wasn’t there.
But I should be back in time to see her before she leaves.
My family misses me and hear that once a week when I call in to make sure they are fine and the state of my cats, which it seems, have become fond of my father.
They love anyone with the knowledge of can opening.
One thing for sure, there will be a change in the landscape of my friends.
One has died of a heart attack.
Another suffered a massive heart attack and barely survived.
Now what really fucks me up about this the most is that the dead friend (Mike) was 40 and the other was 36.
I am 46.
As I have said before, dieing to me is a fact of life but I would like to drag it on as long a I can and with my friends dropping like flies and younger than me, it sort of worries me a bit.
The one that survived is not only younger than me but works as a nurse and looks a hell of a lot fitter than I do.
I have never been one to take things for granted and have always done more to achieve my goals and worked harder to make sure I have done something right.
I try and eat properly and have cut my drinking to an almost none existent minimum as many of my friends would point out.
That’s a lot better than in my youth I’ll tell you.
I still smoke cigarettes which I plan to get rid of in the very near future and I mean with in the next month, but I ‘m not giving up pot smoking.
I will still smoke my 20 joints per year, if that.
I seem to loose friends at a younger age that myself all the time.
I don’t understand why?
Another friend had a cyst the size of a golf ball removed next to her breast while I was here. She is now waiting for the test results to see if she should worry or not.
It’s funny how when we go on trips and enjoy the scenery and the surrounding landscape.
We tend to forget about the landscape we left behind and what it will look like upon our return. I hope that’s all the changes I will have to endure when I get back.
I will be gone for the next four days up north with Lisa and her kids so I will post when I get back if I have the time.
My time here is running out and I will be going home in the next 6 days.
Time flies when you’re having fun.


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