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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bloggers Party Gone Wild ©

Susan asks:
You have a party; invite some of your favourite blog buds. Who would you invite and what would happen. Who would behave themselves who wouldn’t? Who’d pig out on souvlaki and who would drink too much? Who would you find making out behind the tool shed and who’d be showing off third new car. Whatever you can think of. “Bloggers party gone wild" might be an apt title!

Sure ask an easy question.
After a couple of bottles of OUZO, everyone’s gone amuck so that takes care of who is behaving themselves LOL

I think that all would have a great time.
I have met a few bloggers already and they are who they seem to be and that is refreshing to know. I have met one of my readers as well and she is as fun and zany as I thought she would be.
I know Keith would be right in there eating souvlaki, actually I could see him next to me helping at the bbq and testing them as they come off.
I know Deni, Vickie, Monica and yourself would be digging into the pastries at one table, laughing it up and enjoying the times you shared on line and comparing notes on female domination of the world.
Just remember, us guys can be easily subdued.
At the other end of my yard there would be Lisa, Magpie, Fizzy and Jo.
I know these four are dieing to hook up and cause a ruckus. Jo would scoff up souvlaki and spanakopites and then want to head off to the casino on the Quebec side for some Texas hold em while Fizzy would get high on my best scotch and Lisa would be laughing and downing bourbon and coke.
Dot and MrH would be swapping construction tips next to the bbq while grabbing what they could before Keith does.
The centre table you would have three of my favourite debaters and future world leaders if they could pull it off.
They'd get my vote and that would be Chosha, Bella, and Elvira (should talk to table one).
People, don’t fuck with these three because I promise you that you will hear about it.
I know my ears are still burning on a couple of issues.
After dinner we would have story telling and I know just the bunch that would keep us all entertained. I have had the pleasure of reading some of the best writing here on peoples blogs.
Kathryn would start and get us all revved up with a mystic tale bringing us to some place that she only knows.
Carol would take over making us laugh with her beautiful mind.
Brian will enlighten us with a blast from the past. I love reading his historic notes.
MrG would tell us stories of his travels throughout Europe.
Rainy Pete would entertain us with some of his quips as he is so good at.
After eating, Fred would give us a concert.
Then dancing would ensue with Stacy leading the way only to be followed by ItsI, Oceanbug, Kristy, June, PBS, That Girl, Shannon, Brigitte, Dotty, Restless Angel, Gel (dressed in Green) and Karen.
Jac would be all over the place as Jac always seems to be. The man knows how to get around.
Hey Jac, I haven’t seen you on my other site in awhile?
At some stage I know the cops would show up and tell us to keep it own but I know we would be able to convert them into bloggers to and save the night.
Misbehave, who US?
We’re such a quiet lot.
I hope I haven’t missed anyone and if I have it’s only because you are on my favourites list at home but you could come and crash.

It would be quite the party and I would be honoured to be in the company of this fine group of people.


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