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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brothers And Sisters Of The World ©

Kathryn asks:
Hmm - okay, something narcissistic on my part --Just from our interaction on the blogs.....what do you think of me?
And I mean in any way--physically, mentally, spiritually, whatever....
Now, there's no way you can post just on that--so, maybe you can post on what you feel, or think, or describe about other bloggers you've never met in person!

What do I think of you physically?

Ummmm I don’t know.
You have the body of a goddess with big boobs and a tight butt.
What the hell do I know about you physically, I have never met you?
From the pictures that I have seen you’re a very good looking woman and you must be healthy with all the mountain climbing and walking you do.
Your better half looks very fit too and is probably going to kill me for that last remark EEEEEEEEEEKKKKK.
I don’t care what a person looks like physically.
It’s who they are inside that’s important and that’s the person we see when we read these blogs.

Mentally I think you are very intelligent and knowing.
Your writing shows the extent of your thoughts.
The simple but complex web your create makes reading your stories so enjoyable.
You make things look so easy but so hard to achieve.
Maw Maw is my favourite.
I could sit back and drink a bottle of JD and listen to her stories all night long, or until I got drunk and passed out.
Your pictures and description of your mountain give me a clear look of where you live and has me wanting to go see it.
Not that I ever will now, especially with the comment I made up there.
Is that banjo music I hear?
You’re precise in your description of what you see and visualize.
You are mystic in your description of your mountain which makes it intriguing.
Spiritually you have reached a clear understanding with yourself I believe.
You have become one with your thoughts and beliefs.
You understand nature at a spiritual level and believe what you say.
The wolf suits you well.
You run alone in your thoughts and seek what you desire, yielding to no one.
You are determined to achieve your goals but at no ones expense but your own, but are willing to share the meat.
Geez I think I just did an astrology reading.

The bloggers I read have things in common with me, that I can relate too.
We all have things in common with many people, from many different life styles and religions.
I won’t sit here and name bloggers but if they are on my blog roll then they are all worth reading in my opinion.
I laugh with many of the bloggers when I read something funny and I sit here thinking you dumb shit you did that once too why are you laughing?
I weep with some of you because I hurt so much because of what you are going through.
I have been there and feel your pain.
If I sound like this is all about me, it is.
Because me, is you in some ways.
We are all alike in a small little way.
Some of us have experienced similar situations.
We are here to say our piece and to find people to share our lives with.
Not so much to get help or sympathy but to know that we are not alone in our thoughts, beliefs or misfortunes.
We are a big support group.
Sometimes we disagree with each other and sometimes we join forces and go to war together on a common issue.
Sometimes we laugh and other times we cuddle up together and cry.
The reason I started the journal (I refuse to call it MY journal because it’s not, I named it The Bloggers Journal because it belongs to all of us, all I did was pay for it) is so that we can all touch each other physically.
We have touched each other emotionally with our blogs and
I thought it would serve as a handshake or a hug to the people we met on line.
I know that they only time I get to shake your hands or hug you is when it is filled up and comes back to be refreshed with more sheets only to be sent out again but by then I will get a HUGE HUG.
So what do I think about other bloggers I haven’t met in person?
I have met all of them through their words and I care for every single one of them, like they were my own brothers and sisters.
In a way they all are.
My blogger friends are my family.


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