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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Throw The Key Away ©

June asks me what I think of sex offenders.
Whip them over and over and over.
Then take a break and start whipping them again.
Ignore that, it was just a pipe dream from my common sense which is something the govt has none.
They should be locked up for a long time in accordance with their crimes and I don’t mean if it’s their first offence and give them a slap on the wrist.
The chances are it’s the first time they have been caught and not their first time committing this crime.
There should be a stiff minimum sentence for first time offenders and then if they re offend for the same thing they put away for life.
Even better I think that if they are to get out after a second offence that they should be castrated.
That’s right, cut their fucken balls off because it seems they cause enough trouble with them and without them they could stay out of trouble.

The ones I hate the most are the child molesters.
What drives me nuts the most, are these fucken doctors that go to the parole board and say that the fucken perverts are cured?
How in the fuck do they know that?
Is it because they have been locked up in a stupid institution and have been model prisoners?
Or is it because the have expressed remorse and promised they won’t do it again?
The thing is that this filth of human society has been locked up and has not been any where near children so of course they have been good, they can’t get their hands on children.
Once a child molester, always a child molester and we know this because of previous predators that have been caught and arrested, only to do it again when released.
When will the doctors and prison officials learn?
How stupid and arrogant are these head doctors.
I think they would rather stroke their egos more than consider the safety of our kids.
They would rather believe that their system worked and allow these fucken pieces of shit out to walk among our kids.
Then they are surprised when they do it again but it’s too late by that time ISN’T IT!
They don’t accidentally pick up an underage girl who snuck in a bar and go get fucked. They stalk, hang out at schools and follow small kids to get their filthy hands on them to do what they do.
If it could be proven that a person is a predator to children, then lock the fucker up and throw away the key.
Here is Canada we have had child molesters go free after being caught 3 or 4 times before they are deemed dangerous to society and locked up for good.
Well that’s not good enough.
That’s 3-4 times that they got caught, how about the times no one knows about, the victims that don’t come forward or can’t identify their assailant?
How about the victims that could have been spared all the grief?
When do we learn to protect ourselves from these people?
We don’t have the death penalty.
We are supposed to be humane.
Well lock these people up for a long time and then if it is deemed that they should be released then they should be watched when out for he rest of their life.
They should never be allowed to be anywhere near kids even after they have completed their sentence.
They should be used for drug testing as far as I’m concerned.
What kind of sick people molest a 12 week old child?
What the fuck is the pleasure in that?
I get sick just thinking about this kind of crime.
My mind can’t get around the logic of it and how our laws can condone this kind of behaviour by giving light sentences.
A third of our population consists of children and these are our future and the future of man kind.
What does that say about how we protect our future and our children?
Not bloody much by way predators are released into our communities.
As I had posted in a previous post I have tried to run a child molester over but he survived and later went on to rape two 12 year old girls and this was a crime added to the murder of a 4 year old boy he only got 18 months probation for.
Today he is in prison and is deemed and dangerous offender.
I could have told them that 8 years earlier, before he hurt those girls and I’m not a fucken doctor.
I think if a doctor says a sick bastard like that is safe to be released and reintegrated into society he should be held responsible if they re offend.


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