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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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MrHaney asks;
What you have got to say about a parent that seldom if ever tells his child that he loves him or her.
What is there to say?
My father and mother have never told me that they love me and I have not said it in return.
Does it mean I don’t love them or they don’t love me?
I don’t think so.
I love my parents and I know they love me.
They were not used to saying it and it wasn’t said to them.
Different people and different cultures express their feelings in different ways.
My parents have always been there for me and when I was preparing for this trip they were concerned about me if something happened but stepped up to the plate to help me get here and are taking care of my house and my pets while I am away.
When I was in trouble they were always there to cough up bail money and to make sure I had everything I needed.
They bought me cars when ever I needed one.
The have helped my brother when he needed it.
They are there when I am sick.
I don’t need to hear them say they love me.
I know they do.
Now I know there are many insecure people that need to hear their parents or kids say they love them all the time because they are blind to how they treat them.
Some even take things done for them for granted and loose the love aspect in the things their parents or kids do for them.
If you need to hear them tell you all the time, then you have problems.
If your parents treat you like shit and say they don’t give a shit about you then don’t expect them to tell you that they love you. LOL
Now MrH, why did you ask me this question?
There must be a good reason, so why don’t you tell us?
And for the rest of you, do you need to hear “I love you” from your parents or kids to know that they do or can you tell by how they treat you, that they love you?

Love is a feeling not a saying.


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