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Friday, January 20, 2006

Punky Needs A Bruising ©

The Peanut Queen wants to know how I would handle punks.
Now I have been there and it wasn’t pretty.
Our solution then was swift and direct.
The bunch we had to deal with, were 16-18 years old and they got a beating.
We waited until they were relaxed and expecting nothing and we went in and dealt with them swiftly and brutally.
Sometimes pain is the best deterrent especially when the people you are dealing with like to dish it out and haven’t experienced the same treatment.
Now that was us then and I realize that the PQ doesn’t have the army I had back then at her disposal.

The punks today are different in many ways.
They are influenced with a lot of what they see and hear on TV, music and in their environment.
Society has changed and not in a good way.
Kids today are more arrogant and forward.
The group has become more tightly knit and violent.
We have a problem with swarming here.
There are groups of kids banning together and attacking single targets in a group and over whelming them by sheer numbers.
They used to attack kids for the jackets and shoes but now I hear stories about elderly people and women walking down the street being attacked.
They have access to guns and other weapons now and believe it’s cool to use them.
When I was a punk to the generation before me, we didn’t go around causing acts of vandalism or hurting people for just the hell of it.
We got drunk, stoned and partied loud and hard.

In your case, from what I have read on your blog you live in a section of town where there is a large group of unsavoury people.
I think setting up a surveillance camera to tape while you are away or asleep will produce who is doing this and then you could give it to the police as evidence and maybe they could bust the little fucks and give you a break.
The problem is they get a slap on the wrist and are then released without any real punishment.
I think the parents of these kids should be responsible for any damage they do if the kids are still living at home.
The fact that their parents are getting in trouble might detour them from still damaging you property.
I do think thought that bracing them in public will only fuel the problem.
I know the PK would like nothing more that to run the little bastards over as I would but that might escalate the problem.
These kids understand power, that’s why they join gangs or travel in groups, so they have the numbers and the power that comes with it but even they have to step back to a bigger gang (police), out of fear.
When alone they don’t cause trouble, it’s usually when they have company.
It’s like they need to prove something to their friends and have witnesses to say they did it.

I think the hardest part for you and the PK is that you are a sitting ducks.
They can pick the time and choose what they do and you have to wait to see what happens, if anything.
Every time you go out, on the way home you wonder if anything happened in your absence.
Every time you wake up you wonder what they did last night while you slept.
Here is an idea.
Get a picture of them and run off copies on your printer and post them throughout the neighbourhood pointing out that they are vandals.
There is no need for you to put your name on the flyers and post them when no one could see you, that way they won’t know it was you that posted them.
Put them in the public eye and see how they like the attention.

Then there is the one thing that might work.
You could put up with it and do nothing and they may get bored enough and leave you alone after awhile when they see that you aren’t retaliating.
The main piss off is that giving in to this lot makes them the winners in all of this.

Is there a Neighbourhood Watch program and meetings in your area?
If yes go to one and find out what is happening to your neighbours and maybe there are others having the same problems and as a group you could find a way to stop these punks by getting some more evidence.
The more evidence you get against them they better chance the police have in dealing with them on a permanent basis.

Or you could always move.
Naw, that’s not an option.

I would get them arrested anyway I could.
Tell the PK not to do anything stupid that might get him in more trouble than the punks are causing because as in many cases the person seeking revenge is the person who ends up in jail.


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