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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh Canada ©

Mrgonsings asks:
My question is: what are the best and the worst things about living in Canada (or about Canadian people, for all it matters)?

How do I describe Canada?
We are as different too many countries as every snowflake is different and just the same as all of them too.
Canada is a melting pot of many cultures and beliefs.
We have no religion but all of them exist here in peace.
Weather wise, we are famous for our belly acking stories of snow but we couldn’t live without it.
When it snows in Ottawa where I live and it’s up to the rafters in Vancouver the sun is shining and there won’t be snow anywhere, put at the other coast there could be a blizzard raging like a winter hurricane pounding on the Maritimes.
Up North at Yellowknife it could be -65 Celsius and we in Ottawa are happy its -45 of course it’s still sweater weather in Vancouver still.
In the summer, it could be as high as 40 where I live and we’re wishing for winter again.
We have two main languages and two constant problems.
Or in my opinion Quebec’s pig headedness and wanting more than the rest of us is the cause of many of the problems amongst all Canadians.
That aside, Quebec is a beautiful province with a lot of history.
I have spent much time there being that it’s only 5 minutes from where I live and I have travelled through out Quebec because my two Xs were Quebecers.
The only problem with Quebec I think is the politicians.
They have been wanting to separate for years and trying to trick the general population to vote for it to no avail.
The Maritimes are beautiful from the Spring to Fall.
If you love sea food that’s the place you want to go to.
The problems there are unemployment.
With the fishing ban on cod and other endangered species many fishermen and fish processors are unemployed.
Prices can be expensive there.
Ontario has many sites of history attached to it and we have lots of parks where famous battles have been fought.
There is great sports fishing industry’
Toronto is a great source of entertainment and business.
The problem is we are so conservative in the way we live, I believe.
I have more fun in Montreal than I do in Toronto.
I just feel more welcome in Toronto as an English speaking Canadian.
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta I can’t tell you much about other than what I have been told because I have not been there.
Saskatchewan I hear is flat and covered with wheat fields, miles and miles of wheat.
It apparently is the most boring drive you could possibly ever encounter.
But the people are very nice. June is a great example of the nice people that live there.
Manitoba which is right in between Ontario and Saskatchewan has many beautiful lakes for fishing but the economy in that province is a shambles and need some help if the govt ever gets of their hands and do something about it other than give free money for welfare and help create jobs for these people.
Alberta is our version of the Wild West and home of the Calgary Stampede.
Some of the best beef in the world come from Alberta. It’s an oil rich province and gives the breaks to it residents. It is the only province without provincial sales tax I believe and a fun loving bunch live there as well.
When I was in British Columbia last year, I felt like I was home. The people treated me as if I was born there and knew me all my life. They talked to me as frankly as I would talk to someone I’ve known all of my life.
The food was great and the scenery was spectacular.
For people thinking of visiting Canada I would say come on down, we are friendly and extremely diverse region to region.
Don’t think you will experience Canada in a week either because it’s an 8 hour flight from one end of the country to the other but which ever end you travel to you will be welcomed and treated with respect.
If you are lucky and get to go north you will be rewarded by our northern lights, Mother Nature’s fireworks.
But if you go to far north be prepared for 6 months of day light or 6 months of darkness, depending on what time of year you go up there.
In Canada you will also experience the native people of the country as well.
There are over 600 bands in Canada with their own languages, beliefs and history.
There is still friction between the Natives and the govt but what’s new. They are always wanting more even after they sign treaties.
I have my own views on this but I’ll keep them to myself for this moment.
As a tourist you will enjoy this country.
I still do and I am a tourist in my own country when I travel around in it.
If Fact I am off to go fishing in 3 months. It will either be up north or to the Maritimes.
So I guess that’s all I have to say but if there are any Canadian bloggers out there who want to add to this or correct me on anything, feel free to do so.


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