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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Being Type Cast ©

Just for MrH an early post.

PBS asks:
What do you think of archetypes? I've been reading about them lately and it seems fairly easy to "type" people.

I had lots of time to think of my answer to this.
I went and read her posts and I read a lot on archetypes.
I found it extremely interesting.
I think what I found the most intriguing part was the fact that someone has the time to sit down and try to figure out a system of defining the Types of people.
I think some one had a lot of time and nothing to do that’s for sure.
Don’t get me wrong everything I read was brilliant and so true.
It’s just the fact that someone actually researched this, that impresses me the most.
This is a very interesting subject.
I think, and it’s strictly my opinion that the type of person we are is the person we need to be at the moment and time of our life.
I believe we are all those types and bring them up as or when a situation produces itself.
We are guided through life, simply by circumstance.
Our everyday life is by circumstance.
We may have a routine or ritual we do from the moment we wake up but its never the same, some small thing is always different that could change the course of everyday life and send you to a different circumstance which produces what type of person you will be at that moment.
I have been many of those types but there are many I have not been also.
In time I may become most of those types if the circumstances arise.
I may never either.
I also believe there is a main type of person we are or personality would be a better word.
It’s what most people know us everyday as, but even that is determined by circumstance.
The way we grow up and our total environment growing up and to the point you are today creates your main type.
So many variables determine your type.
I have know bad people do good things
I have know good people do bad things
I have seen a coward risk his life and do a brave thing
We have all seen many examples of types of people and the types people become.
It’s all about circumstance I believe.
Maybe there is a Superman behind ever Clarke Kent, or a Princess Diana behind every Diana Prince.
Don’t any of you expect to see me in a pair of tights anytime to soon though?
Right at this moment I am the lay back on the couch and going to watch a movie type.
You all go be your Type and Have a Great weekend


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