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Friday, January 27, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake ©

Fizzy asks:
Why does the world not encourage the use of different forms of energy instead of relying on those that produce oil and gas so much?
What about renewable sources like solar and green fuels? What about the effects that these dirty fuels have on the Ozone layer?

Very good question and the answer is…… because you won’t pay for it.
The technology is out there and ready to use for the most part but it costs so much, that if they were to implement it now, you would starve.
First you would have to change the way your house is heated and buy new equipment. That would probably cost you 50,000 pounds.
Then you would have to throw away all the cars because you can’t drive them any more so you would be loosing the money the car is worth and buy electric cars and those cost more than gas cars.
So you would loose money by throwing away a car that runs and then investing a small fortune on the electric car.
Now, since the govt will have to upgrade to solar and electric then they would have to raise your taxes to cover the expenses.
By the time everything is in place, you would have to sell your house and borrow money to pay taxes just for living in an energy safe city.
I bet you would be one of the first people out there with a sign asking for gas back if it meant your life would be worse that it is now because of pollution.
The truth Fizzy is that, the whole world is changing for the better, but it takes time.
One day we WILL be using solar and electric and fossil fuels will be just a memory.
It takes time to ease into something and make the transition painlessly and it will not be as invasive as dumping everything on the people at once if we went slow as we are.
It will also be more economical to own by then just as the DVD player was.
The first DVD player cost $500 and now they are $30.
That’s only because they became popular and cheaper to make, as time went on. It will be the same with solar panels and collectors and the batteries needed to run electric cars.
I have seen a prototype for a car that is solar and battery powered that could go days on a full charge and also charge itself as it is driving in sunny weather.
Just be patient and your wish will come true.
Who knows, maybe one day soon a certain daughter may pick up her mom and take her for a drive in the country in her new solar/battery operated Aston Martin.

Part 2, as there always seems to be with Sister Fizzy
The NOT so serious one: Chocolate Fudge Cake VS Lemon Cheesecake
Now the answer to this is simple and I am sure everyone who reads this will agree with me.
Why limit ourselves to one or the other when both present themselves in front of us,
BEGGING to be eaten and enjoyed.
Can you just imagine if the unspeakable happened and you got hit by a car and your last thought was “I wish I had some cheesecake or chocolate fudge cake but I only chose one.
How painful would that be?
The broken body wouldn’t hurt as bad as knowing you missed a piece of lustfully delicious dessert.
How can a person leave this Earth knowing that they missed out on one of life’s sweetest pleasures?
So I say EAT BOTH .
CAKE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This message has been brought to you by the Dessert Eaters Association.


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