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Thursday, January 26, 2006

God Made Me Do It ©

Monica asks:
In keeping with my own post today, do YOU think all these things are punishment for God's anger? Or are people just looking to blame anyone but themselves?

First I am not a god person and there are many out there who are not.
Now if we take god out of the equation for those of us who fuck up and don’t have god to blame, well I guess it only leaves us to blame for our trouble.
Now I know many of you out there are religious and I respect that but when something goes wrong you just can’t blame God for your trouble.
According to the bible, God supplies the means for you to go forward in life and if it goes wrong it’s you that screwed up, or circumstance gone awry.If you take a chance on the stock market and mortgage the house, sell the car; sell blood or what ever else to get money to put on the chance of hitting it big and you loose your money.
You can’t go around saying its God’s fault because you went to church and prayed for him to give you a win fall, your just a moron.
If you build a house on a hill and during a rain storm the hill gets washed away and you loose everything.
It wasn’t Gods doing.
You’re the dumb shit who built a house in a place where it could be lost.
God gives you spiritual confidence to go out and make something of yourself.
Gives you hope in life, not the way to succeed.
The confidence you get is what you use to succeed and a prayer will not show you the easy way or open doors for you.
It simply puts you in the proper frame of mind to go out and pursue something or enlighten you to avoid something stupid you might do because you rushed into something before thinking.
Let’s look at an example.
The quietest place I know, is a church.
Especially when there is no service in progress.
If you have something on your mind that is driving you nuts, but you are having a hard time deciding.
Go to church.
Any church, you will be welcome.
I have been to many churches of many denominations.
Have a seat and listen to the quiet noise.
Then reflect on your problem in silence.
There is a certain feeling you get when in a church.
The atmosphere gives you a sense of tranquillity and being.
The lingering scent of burning or burnt incense relaxes you and puts you in a mellow state where thinking becomes so clear.
Look at your problem and the answer will be clear before you know it.
Was it God doing this?
It was you doing it, but it was in God’s house.
He supplied what you needed to find your way, you did the rest.
He doesn’t want credit for what you accomplished just as you shouldn’t blame him/her for your botch ups.

Now how can God be mad at America when not all Americans believe in God or the same God?
Or is he only angry at the God fearing Americans and the rest are off the hook?
Or did all the Gods get together at a conference in the sky and decide that they were going shit on the Americans, all except the atheists that is because they don’t believe in God and are exempt to any religious wraths.
Unless God shows up and tells you he/she’s pissed off then don’t listen to the assholes who have nothing better to do than stir the bull shit with their fingers because they are the biggest fuckups there are.
It’s time people learned to start blaming themselves and leave God to doing what ever God does.

On a closing note.
I don’t think that politicians should be allowed to even mention God, because as I see it, they only start trouble using Gods name and I don’t think he came down and ordered a war to start.
There is a reason politics and the church are separate.
It’s because a priest makes a lousy politician and a politician make a lousy priest as well as a lousy politician.


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