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Sunday, December 18, 2005

What's Politically Correct? ©

Today we are going to look at being “politically correct”.
It’s something that has slowly taken hold in most western countries.
Before the immigration opened our doors to the world most people in North America were of the Christian faith.
I said MOST, so the handful of other religious minorities that were around at that time do NOT send me emails complaining about what I said.
As more and more people from various religions moved into our countries we have had to adjust to the times but commercialism is greedy and needed to tap into the non Christian market during this time of year.
So they have been advertising slogans with Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays on them as to not offend people with different religions and to get them to come to their stores.
Merry Christmas has disappeared from commercials all together.
But because of all the commercial bullshit, people are now confused of how to great people.
So I thought I would figure that out right here on my blog right now because I think it’s rather simple.
I think we have to look at this logically.
I knew watching all those Star Trek episodes for the last 35 years would be useful.
Now I will use what I see in Canada as my example because I live here, it’s the same as the United States and the U.K., N.Z. and Australia are close enough except they put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car.
Someone didn’t read the instruction correctly ha ha ha
Boy, I know I’m gonna get it for that remark.
Now, people are confused, should they be saying Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings.
Tough decision, isn’t it?
No it’s not.
We have every known nationality and religion in this country.
When you go to a mall you can hear the different languages being spoken, the different dress that they wear and in some instances, their religion first hand.
Because here in Canada we are used to seeing all of this, it doesn’t bother us and it has become a way of life.
We are a melting pot of various ethnic backgrounds and religions that we call Canadians.
We pride ourselves in the fact our citizens contribute to our culture.
Canadian culture as it is in the United States is a combination of all immigrants combined.
After all, besides the native people of this continent are not all North Americans immigrants or decedents of immigrants?
Most of us eat, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Jewish, Indian, Middle Eastern……. foods and know what we are ordering.
Our languages have words created from other languages.
We have Greeklish, Spanglish………been spoken in houses by immigrants who meld English with their language.
As a kid I learned about other people’s religions from my friends at school and what their beliefs were.
I used to wish my Jewish friends a Happy Hanukah and they wished me a Merry Christmas.
There are some couples who are married to a partner from a different religion.
I know a couple like this and they celebrate both Christmas and Hanukah
December has many special days for many different religions.
There is Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan if it lands on the month of December and let’s not for get New Years Eve.
Now if we are looking at the month of December and all the holidays I guess the best greeting is “Seasons Greeting”.
Now if a Jewish person wants to wish a Christian a Merry Christmas there is nothing wrong with that.
It’s just a conveyance of good will and respect to that person, just like if a Christian wishes Happy Hanukkah to a Jewish person.
Wishing Muslims a good Ramadan by the Jews and Christians would only be showing respect and good will also.
And everyone can wish each other a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
See, we share a holiday together.
So what’s the problem?
Why do we have to be politically correct?
We don’t.
We find ourselves all fucked up because we don’t want to insult someone and are too scared to take a chance and use the wrong greeting.
It’s not blasphemy to wish someone a Happy Hanukah if you’re Christian and vise versa.
In fact I think the person on the receiving end would be happy to receive a greeting for their holiday and might even wish you some good will also.
The problem here is the politically part I thing.
Let’s just drop the “politically” part and just be CORRECT and wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or just Happy Holidays and let’s make peace the universal wish for all humanity.


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