blue moon (2)

Monday, December 19, 2005

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I can’t seem to stop writing posts.
I wrote 5 in 2 days and I have a bunch crawling in my head.
I’m writing one now, here.
Where were these posts when my brain was dry as a bone?
OK I should just use this rant to start my Journal on its journey
The only way I can see this as being fair is that I will send the Journal to the third person who emails me on Wednesday my time.
That’s one email each.
Got that Sister Fizzy?
I will mail it out the next day.

In 6 days 8 hours of the time I wrote this post, I’ll be doing the Canadian Goose thing and flying south to see a different type of bird, a Kiwi.
So I have been rushing to get everything done so I would only have to be nervous about one thing and that’s when I am on the plane and start wondering if I shut the stove off when I left the house lol.
So have a nice day and don’t be surprised if you see another post up here in the next 12 hours LOL


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