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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Welcome To New Zealand ©

I will skip telling about my flight for a time when I want to relive that nightmare and tell you all what my first impression of New Zealand was.
What can I say; New Zealand is a beautiful place to be.
As I was flying in from Sydney I spent 40 minutes looking out the window at a group of islands surrounded by inlets of blue water, pools of turquoise water and ponds of green water.
Hills of emerald green cover this mystical land of Middle Earth.

By far the flight from Sydney was the best leg of my trip.
The service was perfect and the people were friendly and courteous.
I walked off that plane with a smile for the first time in 2 days.
I declared my 10 pounds of double caramel gourmet popcorn and bottle of Butter Scotch Ripple.
Joked with the customs people and smiled at the dogs sniffing around my bags.
They have strict rules about bringing anything into this country and rightly so.
They don’t need anything foreign spawning here.
Lisa met me at the airport and the drive to her home left me wide eyed with the landscape. (Pictures coming soon)
There are so many new things here and so many things that I recognise from home.
I met some of Lisa’s friends later that night at a local restaurant they frequent and had a fabulous meal and conversation.
The company was great and meeting people I have talked to over the years was a perfect introduction to Wellington.
The drive through Wellington was a mixture of old and new.
It reminded me of old Montreal.
There were 2 story buildings that must date back hundreds of years.
There is exotic foliage throughout this city and looking at all of this, there is no wonder they go through such lengths at the airport ensuring no contaminants enter this oasis that could only be described as paradise.
The thing I constantly have to remember is that they drive on the opposite side of the street and that I get in on the OTHER side of the car.
I will remember that one day LOL.

Tonight I meet Lisa’s kids and one of Lisa’s best friends SO I will cut it off here, going shopping again.
I will do my best to answer my comments in the next couple of days so until then

Have a nice day


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