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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Are We In Kansas Toto ? ©


Lisa is passed out.
So I am going to take this brief moment to put up a small post.

For the last couple of years I have been listening to Lisa say, “shit, it’s really windy today”
Well she wasn’t telling it right.
She should have been saying,
” HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S WINDY OUT HERE”
For those people, who call Chicago the windy city, have a seat, there is no way you can beat Wellington.
I watched as it ripped a huge tree in Lisa’s yard in half like it was a twig and the pick up a large, heavy wooden chair and throw it like a leaf.
At 270 pounds I was stopped in my tracks as I was going out to save the gas BBQ and cover. It was like a big invisible hand on my chest keeping me from going forward.
It is safe to say I have been blown in New Zealand.
At the moment the sun is out and the wind is tearing at the seams of this house.
Earlier, air raid sirens could be heard through out the city screaming for the people to take heed.
As I looked out of the window I could see things flying through the air from bags to large pieces of trees or homes.
When I was coming back from my rescue of the bbq, my face was assaulted by the pine needles that were being ripped from the trees and impaled in my face.
I love this place.

I met Lisa’s boys the other day and they are two good looking lads with friendly personalities.
They are home with many of their friends most of the time having fun.
It’s been along time since I saw a good group of boys that love to help each other selflessly.
It’s obvious the parents of their friends hold Lisa and her sons in high regard because all they have to say is we are going to go to Lisa’s house for the night and that’s enough said for their parents.

New Years Eve was fun and many of Lisa’s friends came over for a bbq but I will leave that for her to write about.
All I will say is that everyone had a good time.

There is so much to do and am writing much down to remember for later to post here.
This week we are off to see Narnia and next week Lisa’s youngest and I are off to see the forth instalment of Harry Potter and to raid the local arcade.

When I get time I will sit to write a proper post but I figure maybe some of you would like to just hear from me and how much I am enjoying myself.

We are going out again tonight to one of Lisa’s friends for cards and tea so I will catch you all later.

I hope you all had a Great New Years Eve with your friends and family and the whole year will be as bright.


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