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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Beaver Has Landed ©

Hello everone

Thanks for the all your comments they were comforting to read when I was in Australia.
It was quite the trip.
Full of adventure and danger.
At one stage the plane dropped hundreds of feet and the turbulence had people puking and me stumbling down an ilse looking to get more air sick bags from the washroom.
All the bags at the seats were used up and the stewardresses were strapped in their seats praying.
I don't need you lot telling me how dumb it was getting up and going for more bags, I have already been reprimanded by my boss but being in the middle of a Exorcist nightmare and lacking a preist with a pilots license gave me no choice.
That was four hours of steady turbulence and puking by most of the passengers. The poor kids were having a rough go of it.
That was during my Vancouver to Hawaii leg of my trip.
I will come back and post more when I get the chance.
I am happy to be here and the beauty of Wellington from the air was only surpassed by the beauty that was waiting for me at the airport.

If I don't get the chance to post again before Sunday I want you all to have a Happy New Year.


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