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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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Its election time up here in the Great White North and one of the biggest issues in gun control.
The Prime Minister is saying that if reelected he will ban hand guns and start a buy back program for all hand gun owners.
I for one do not own a handgun but I am wondering is the government going to pay the handgun owners what they paid for the weapon or throw the a hundred bucks for a $1000 gun.
There have been a rash of shootings lately and people killed.
So this is adding fuel to the gun issue.
In reality it’s not that bad.
I live in a city of a million people and we have had 12 murders this year.
Two people were killed with a handgun during the same incident.
To me that’s pretty good.
Three of the people killed this year were by a son killing his parents and sister who had a history of mental illness.
I have heard it said the guns don’t kill people but people kill people.
But if the gun wasn’t available then they couldn’t kill people.
People get stabbed too.
The fact of the matter is that there are a higher percentage of people being stabbed than shot.
Are they going to ban butter knives next?
The only difference between getting stabbed and shot is that more people recover from stabbings that shootings.

So the powers that be want to take the guns away from people, so that killings would go down, but the honest gun owners are not the ones doing the killing and their hand guns rarely get used in the commission of a crime.
We have strict rules for handguns here.
If you want to go to the range and your gun is not stored there, then you have to get a temporary travel permit for it and it had to go directly to where you are taking it.
When at home the ammunition has to be kept separate from the gun and the gun has to have a trigger lock and has to be kept in a secure location.
Now that’s a lot of precautions requiring the ownership of a gun and they are observed for the most part.
So why is the government planning to spend a shit load of money buying back guns that are not hurting people, because they can’t fix the real problem with handguns, and that problem is the United States and our huge border between our two countries?
Up here you just don’t go to the store and buy a gun.
You have a lot of papers to fill in.
You need a special license.
You have to go to a special 3 day course and learn about gun safety, when that is done then you write a test and if you don’t get an 80% on it, you can forget about the gun.
But the average criminal who causes all of these gun shootings doesn’t require a special license.
He just pays $500 for a gun that has been smuggled in from across the border.
These guns are even cheaper than the ones you buy at the gun store.
The government plans to give rewards to people tipping the police about people who have illegal guns.
Most criminals don’t rat out on other criminals.

Now here is a funny one.
The government will hire 75 more customs guards to watch the border for gun smugglers.
The guards don’t have guns.
They have to walk up to a guy in a car, armed to the teeth with what ever gun he desires and say.
“Give me you guns or else” armed with a smile.
Or else what?
What is an unarmed customs guard going to do besides DIE.
My advice to Canadian border guards is to eat lots of onions and bologna sandwiches. Your breath should knock them out before they get to their guns.
There are 300,000,000 guns in the United States today.
It is in their constitution that they have the right to bare arms.
When they put that “you had the right to bare arms” in the constitution, it was because of the war of independence.
That was a long time ago.
Are you expecting the British to attack again?
Don’t worry they have problems of their own.
If it is their right to bare arms then I think they should exercise their rights.
But if they don’t store their weapon properly and it is stolen they should pay for the consequences of their stupidity.
If they loose their gun because it wasn’t stored properly they should NOT be allowed to get reimbursed by their insurance company and NOT be allowed to own a gun until they find the one they lost.
If the gun was used in a crime he/she should have to be accountable for that crime as being an accessory before the fact and liable to the same consequences as the person who used the gun.
Now what’s wrong with that?
I know there are many good safe gun owners out there who agree with me that if the proper precautions are put in place there should be very few problems.
There should be a limit on how many guns a person should own as well.
There was someone here who had over 200 guns and they were all in working order.
What the fuck does someone need 200 guns for is beyond me and he wasn’t an antique gun owner these were new guns.
There are way too many guns on the street and in the hands of kids.
Kids are too innocent mentally to have that much power.
In many cases they don’t understand the consequences of shooting someone until it is too late and they are in jail or shot by the police.
They get angry and think it’s some fucken game and go out and shoot someone that pissed them off for some small matter.
There are metal detectors now in schools because of the threat of guns and knives.
Education is becoming a battlefield.
Instead of learning about battles in history they learn about the shootout in the lunch room.
Soon we will be buying our kids bullet proof clothes to send them outside to play just to keep them safe.

I know this for a fact that IF we don’t get a grip on violence in our streets that we will become a police state.
It won’t be safe to go outside and then all our freedoms will be taken away in the name of safety.
I watched the movie Bowling for Columbine which I find one sided.
Many of the points he put out were valid but let’s face it, he made the movie for effect and Moore probably cut out most of what he filmed because it went against the way he wanted it to be seen.
He used the recent events to make a profit.
BTW when it says Canadians sleep with their doors open, I don’t know what fucken igloo he was visiting but we lock our doors like everyone else even on the igloo.

So mister Prime Minister, just like your money wasting gun registry, your recent idea of removing all LEGAL hand guns from their owners is nothing more than a stupid election idea when you think of the illegal guns out there on the street that are doing all the harm.
As for the guns woes in the States;
You have the right to bare arms and many do.

The ones that don’t want too;
Well it’s too late for them I guess.

Food for thought
The gun-related deaths per 100,000 people in 1994 by country were as follows:

U.S.A. 14.24
Brazil 12.95
Mexico 12.69
Estonia 12.26
Argentina 8.93
Northern Ireland 6.63
Finland 6.46
Switzerland 5.31
France 5.15
Canada 4.31
Norway 3.82
Austria 3.70
Portugal 3.20
Israel 2.91
Belgium 2.90
Australia 2.65
Slovenia 2.60
Italy 2.44
New Zealand 2.38
Denmark 2.09
Sweden 1.92
Kuwait 1.84
Greece 1.29
Germany 1.24
Hungary 1.11
Ireland 0.97
Spain 0.78
Netherlands 0.70
Scotland 0.54
England and Wales 0.41
Taiwan 0.37
Singapore 0.21
Mauritius 0.19
Hong Kong 0.14
South Korea 0.12
Japan 0.05

These are my opinions and thoughts.


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