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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Answers Part Three ©

Here we go with part three.
I would like to say these were all great questions and are making me think a bit.

What inspired you to start blogging?
Elvira Black

Well I have been asked many times in the past to write something by many people, but I never did.
I have started many times writing a book but I never finished.I started one 2 months ago and it is still sitting there kegged in blood and sex, waiting for me to add to it.
I do love telling stories but it’s a lot different for me to write them down.
Let’s face it my typing skills are that of a carpenter with 2 fingers left because I only use two fingers and it takes me a long time just to finish a post. Writing a book would be a life’s experience because it would take me that long to type it.
But I started blogging because of Lisa I guess.
I love reading her and I thought I may be able to put some stories here and someone may enjoy reading them.
I was not disappointed and I have been humbled by so many of the nice comments I have received in the last 7 months.
Writing also helps me mentally.
I have so much stored in my head that sometimes it hurts.
I suffer from anxiety attacks and I refuse to take medication because even though it helps it leaves me a drooling zombie who struggles to remember the names of friends he’s known for 20 years.
Blogging helps me empty my head to here and my anxiety attacks are virtually gone.
I do enjoy blogging though and reading blogs.
I have four here right now, two that I post on and two I use as either testing blogs or to just link to my main blog.
Also I love blogging because I like finding other people who are in similar situations in life as I am. Let’s face it, we have many things in common than not.
It helps knowing that I am not alone in my struggles through life.
I have learned a lot about life through other people’s blogs about what they go through and draw on their experiences in my own dilemmas if I have any.
But the main answer to your question is because Lisa was blogging too.
So you could all blame her for unleashing me on you LOL

The one question for Walker: where (in the world) do you like the best--according to the area, not the people in it. No fair picking a place with loved ones unless it would still be your favorite place if they weren't there!

This is a tough question.
It’s tough because the people are what make’s a place desirable.
I am a city boy who yearns for the country style of life, nothing like farming for a living but just living in a sparsely populated rural area near water.
I love Mother Nature and her back yard.
It’s so inspiring to see and live.
It has so many shapes and colors that can entertain your mind endlessly.
Next time you are out in the country just stop and look closely to the world through natures eyes then go to the city and all you see is squares and rectangles in a cement colored dull grey humdrum garbage covered puke stained unchangeable landscape.
And they wonder why people have mental problems.
I have seen many beautiful countries on TV and what I have read.
The thought of living on a tropical island always appealed to me ever since ” I Dream of Jeannie” and Major Tony Nelson found a bottle with Jeannie in it.
The movie South Pacific is my favorite and Captain Cook was one of my favorite explorers who explored the south pacific.
So going to New Zealand is a Great adventure to me because I get to fulfill that dream and I found my genie there as well.
There are also many countries than I would love to visit like Egypt, Thailand, the U.K., Spain and Italy, just for their history and architecture.
France I would go for the wine, cheese, art and the fashion runways.
For the record, I would be looking at what the latest trends are not covering.
Ideally for me would be in the country on a tropical island and making enough money to travel to all the places I want to see.
Maybe my Gene could blink and send us.
How’s that for my answer?

how is that question walker?

That’s a good question.
If I got married and had kids I would like to think that we would share responsibility of the raising of our kids.
This would include praising them and disciplining them.
The good parent bad parent thing is not what I would concIder proper parenting.
It is what has stereotyped men for centuries as being the evil mean parent.
“Wait until your father gets home” is a fucken insult as far as I am concerned.
You have a problem with the child deal with it yourself and guess what?
They would learn to respect you just the same.
I have gone to ballet recitals with my kids alone.
I took the girls to see Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears and sat with a couple of hundred mothers waiting for their daughters to leave the concert.
It makes no difference who does what, as long as you both do it together and as a team and that includes everything in the family.
Now I don’t see me having any more kids in the future so it really doesn’t matter.
If weight was no object (20 kgs ... sheesh airlines and their rules!) what would you take with you to NZ that you don't currently have room for?

Well the only thing Lisa wants me to bring is, me.
But I would think my bed would be good to bring because of her concerns about her bed and she always loved mine.
As for me any bed I share with her would be perfect and I am NOT going to carry a king size bed through 4 airports.
In reality I am bringing more than I need.
This trip is about spending time with someone important to me and not what I can haul over there.
I do have to bring double caramel popcorn from the place in the Carlingwood mall though.

Ok, what do you like to do in your free time, not counting blogging, backgammon, sex or talking to Lisa.

You took away what I do the most.
I read a lot and I work on computers.
I am almost finished reading The Odyssey by Homer and I have the Iliad by Homer that I will be starting right after.
I have read 3 books with Lisa in the last couple of months, even though you said not counting what I do with Lisa, I have to pitch these books because I do recommend them. They were Good Omens and Going Postal by Terry Pratchett and Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen.
Go read them and you will thank me.
As I have said before I have a couple of thousand books in my book cases and I do read many of them over and over.
When I have the time I watch new releases at the video store like I am tonight.
I got Mr. and Mrs. Smith to watch and I watched the Fantastic 4 the other day.
I got a group of friends who I meet to play a trivia game at the local pub too.
We have been doing that for years and we have been national champs.
Well I think that’s it, if I came include what you have disallowed.

Is it too late to submit a question? If not ..heres mine. If you could get together with a fellow blogger durin your wait at YVR, would ya do it? if the answer is yes, we will have to do a search for a vancouver blogger!!!!! I hope you find someone to babysit your furballs soon.

Susan it’s never too late to ask a question.
I would be delighted to meet a fellow blogger in Vancouver.
It would be a huge bonus on this adventure.
We could do lunch.
Yes I have found two People to take care of my cats now.
A mother and her son will spend time with them on the weekends and I have a friend who lives around the corner who would be more than happy to come by on the week days to feed them and give them some petting.

Well I hope I answered everyone’s questions and didn’t miss any and NO you can’t ask a question everyday Fizzy, gezzz.

So catch y’all later.


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