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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Shopping ©

Good day all.
It's that time of year again where we have to go shopping for gifts to give people.
Some of the hardest people to shop for are our partners in life.
Depending on how long you have been together, there is a chance you have bought them everything you can think of in the past and are in danger of repeating yourself.
Not to worry because Walker is here with the alternate shopping list for people who do NOT know what to get for their partner.
But first I am going to look into Christmas shopping and how it has evolved over the years.
Now you know when they say that if you’re bad that Santa will bring you a lump of coal.
Well in a way that was true but not in the sense that it became as years went by.
In the times before oil and gas were used, people used to warm up with coal.
In fact when we bought the house I am living in now it did have a coal shoot.
That should tell you how old the house I am living in really is.
So getting a lump of coal was a good thing way back when.
An orange was another big gift, especially for people who couldn’t either find one or afford to buy one.
As time went on he got tailor made clothes instead of home spun and trains and ray guns and all the other gizmos that were at the local toy store.
As we got older our toys got more expensive and complicated.
Everyone who bought a stereo in the 90’s and was lost looking at all the wires and where the fuck they go raise their hands.
Yup I see a few out there.
But as we got older and had everything we needed we started looking for other gifts to spice up our lives and this is where I am going to park my ass and have a look and some fun at some potential gifts for that single person or that married couple that wants to spice it up a bit.
OK guys here is something you can get your wife/gf.
These can be worn any time any place and anywhere without anyone knowing. Not even you will know.
As your walking through the mall, other men would look at you and say look at that lucky bastard, I wish my wife always looked that happy and all the women would think wow that man knows how to make his woman happy.
Not only that she would be so happy she wouldn’t even say anything when you tell her about the 61 inch plasma TV you bought and for $10 for these gold beauties are well worth their price.
Ladies you know ho3w men always bitch and complain about those ties and socks you buy them every year.
Well here is something that will not only feel comfortable for them to wear but it would keep with warm for you on those three glasses of wine nights and you are raring to go.
They come in bright festive colors and can be worn inside the pants and all alone, as you can see in this picture.
Perfect for the beach or those family picnics where you can’t think of what he should wear. The wool is pre shrunk and stretchable.
A good buy at $29.95

Now guys, here is something for the ladies to keep them busy and warmed up for those times where you are out of town and can’t be there when she needs you.
As you can see they come in various shapes, sizes and each one for a specific craving.
They also come in various colors so you can buy a couple and so wrap a couple up for the Christmas tree.
You may want to buy some rechargeable batteries too.
This will ensure that your remotes will still work when you come back from your business trip.
Prices range from $29.95-$159.99

Now ladies don’t think I am not up with the times. I know many of you have jobs that take you away from home on business trips to and I know you wouldn’t want to leave you man home alone thinking about you and all excited.
So here is a great gift for him that would keep him occupied in those times of erotic need.
As you can see they also come in various colors and represent different orifices according to each person’s desires.
As an added feature they don’t require batteries so this will mean that your vibrators will still be humming when you get back and turn them on.
This is good because more than likely your mate would have sprained his pecker playing with the gift you got him all week.
They sell for $59.95 each but if you buy all three you get 15% off

These are all good for major gift giving but you could keep working with the sex theme and more to stocking stuffer for the stockings that are hanging on the mantle.
Here are some great novelty items that might interest you and you other half for some fun fun fun


Now for all those home makers out there and the few guys that love to cook and bake as I do.
There are some new forms out there to make some festive and suggestive cookies.
They will surely be the talk of your office party or your home Christmas party with friends and family getting heeps of laughs and enjoying your favorite cookie batter.
They are so easy to make that a child could do it, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you plan of having alot of questions asked. As you can see they make varies shapes of cookies so they won't have that same boring I got bum bumped look on their face.

So this should take care of some those baking needs you have to do and probably have alot of fun eating the various parts that fall off on occation.
The forms start at $19.99 and up, depenting on the possition youtr looking for.

For the last Item.
The ultimate gift for the woman from the man that loves her and enjoys watching his football in peace and quiet.
It's going to cost you a bundle but when you think about those Sundays for 17 weeks of game after game she is worth it.
The gift that keeps on coming and coming giving and giving. Year after year for as long as you can afford the hydro bill.
At the price of $5999.95 it is worth every penny.

She will enjoy hours of pleasure thus leaving you to watch the game.
It comes with various interchangable parts and there is a catalogue for you to keep on ordering different attachments.
What a beautiful gift for a man to buy the woman he loves.

So this ends this Christmas shopping post and I hope I have given some of you a couple of ideas for your shopping lists and maybe even solved a present problem.
So until next time.

Happy Shopping


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