blue moon (2)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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The other day my friend picked me up to take me to a Christmas party.
Now this post is not about that party and I had a great time.
This post is not about my friend because he just drove me there.
This post is about 2 minutes at a gas station.
My friend had run out of windshield washer fluid and stopped by the gas station to get some.

The truck stopped and “G” got out too grab some washer fluid.
I sat there looking out the window at this area.
Ten years ago right here it was all farm land and now there were thousands of houses malls and fast food joints.
It seemed like I had blinked and all this had appeared.
The intersection was a buzz with traffic and people.
It looked more like the down town core in the middle of the afternoon rather than dinner time in the boonies.
People were walking along the sidewalks popping in and out of stores like ants in an ant farm.
There was a condo complex in front of the station with all the trees beaming with blue Christmas lights.
The trees were covered with snow and the lights gave them a hue of blue piercing from beneath the snow.
The units themselves were a colorful display of their occupant’s concept of seasonal decorating. Lights blinked along the railings of the balconies the occasional one sporting a huge plastic snowman or a big Santa.

To my left an ambulance was speeding around the corner with its red and white lights strobbing at a staccato beat.
Cars were pulling over to let it by.
Closer to me at the corner there was a couple carrying a Xmas tree they had just bought from the station lot where someone had set up a sign with “Xmas trees 4 sale”
It looked to be about 7 feet long. I hope they realize that when that sucker thaws out it’s going to be huge.
I remembered the sent of a real Christmas tree when you first set it up. It gives the room that fresh clean car smell.
Or is it that damn thing hanging of the truck mirror.

The hood goes up in front on me.
I look out the right side passenger window and I see three young hoods. They had to be in their late teens pushing 20.
I recognize the type.
I was one once.
They were lounging around waiting for something.
Behind them and across the street I could see a couple loading their mini van with what they had just purchased.
The mother was trying to strap the baby in its chair and the father was loading the bags in the back.
A forth punk joined the three and they strutted off to look for that night’s entertainment.
I flashed back to when I was just like them with my friends on a Saturday night.
How we gathered and went out to test the waters of life to see what it would bring for that day.
A car pulled up next to the truck.
A good looking middle aged woman stepped out wearing a black fur coat, with a black lace dress with a well exposed cleavage.
She had black spiked leather boots and black gloves.
She walked to the pump and started the gas station sequence.
Her car told the story.
She was out on the hunt.
Some lucky fucker or some poor bastard is going to have a good time tonight.
She looked and was dressed like a million dollars but the car was a mid 90’s Buick with rust creeping in at the sides and besides, a million dollar woman does not pump her own gas.
She was a hunter.
The loud bang of the hood brought my eyes to the front, where on the sidewalk a young couple were holding each other and kissing.
“G” Hopped in, looked at me and said “That didn’t take long did it”?
“No “G”, “That wasn’t long”.

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